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BBQ Grills: Serious Grill Brush Health Hazards and Solutions

150 PEOPLE A YEAR WIND UP IN EMERGENCY ROOMS BECAUSE OF GRILL BRUSH BRISTLES - Grill Brush Bristle Incident Reports "I ate a piece of chicken and immediately felt sharp stabbing pain in my throat. I was transferred to a Medical Center where I was hospitalized for days and had two surgeries that were unsuccesful. A 3rd surgery was able to recover the wire bristle from my esophagus." 2013 "I finally went to the ER where an x-ray was taken. A stainless steel wire from Niewlncident/1365250 2014 the gill brush (over 1/2 in long) was lodged in the soft tissue of my throat. I was put under general anaesthesia to have the foreign body removed immediately." "A bristle from the grill brush was dislodged and stuck to the meat I ate. I wound up in the Emergency room 2015 with severe abdominal pain to lower left quadrant. A CT scan revealed a 1.5cm long, piece of metal protruding through my intestine." /Viewlncident/1398267 "CAT scan found no source of intestinal inflammation, exploratory surgery cut Niewlncident/1510314 2016 out approximately two feet of intestines ecause of infection. The grill wire brush bristle was later found; the consumer's husband was hospitalized for nine days." "My husband knew right away he had bit into a piece of meat with a bristle that buried itself inside his tonque. An 2017 Viewlncident/1689211 MRI was then done soon after and finally surgery did successfully remove it." "One night I had cooked a hamburger, upon eating it I felt a sharp pain pierce my tongue. 3 surgerys ensued and were all unsuccessful at removing the wire bristle." Niewlncident/1713326 2018 "I Purchased a grill brush from Big Lots! in Winter Garden, FL. It came completely apart on first use and left 2019 pieces of the metal bristles on the Viewlncident/1775179 grill surface." "In my case I was eating a piece of grilled chicken and one of the small 2020 brush wires got caught in my throat and pierced my tongue. I had to pull it thru my tongue to get it out." Niewlncident/1876743 /Viewlncident/1950558 PALM BEACH GRILL CENTERS TOP SOLUTIONS 1 CHAR-BROIL COOL CLEAN NYLON GRILL BRUSH This is a great alternitive. The cool brush is designed to clean the grill after its cooled, and it absolutley works! These bristles pose no hazzord to health even if ingested. 2 QUALLY UNITED BRISTLE FREE BBQ GRILL BRUSH The Qually brush uses coiled steel to clean grates rather than bristles. It really is well made and endures a long time. There is no danger of pieces of this brush breaking off into your food. 3000 CRUMPLED TINFOIL TO CLEAN GRILL Another approach is crumpling tinfoil into a ball and rubbing it around the grill with a pair of tongs. It's the go-to technique for Michele Vanderzwan, a supervisor at Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langl B.C., that offers cooking classes. PALM BEACH GRILL CENTER BBQ GRILLS & OUTDOOR KITCHENS by GRILL TANKS PLUS www.PALMBEACHGRILLCENTER.COM | (561) 271-0454

BBQ Grills: Serious Grill Brush Health Hazards and Solutions

shared by daniel63 on Jun 16
BBQ Grills can be difficult to clean. The right tools are required. This post is about one surprisingly common wrong and in fact dangerous tool. We also have some great solutions for you.


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