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Battle of The Bulge - Your Body and How to Lose Weight

BATTLE OF THE BULGE THE GUBBAH: BINGO WINGS: Although it may be difficult to lose fat strictly on your face, a daily cardio exercise routine can ge you on the right track towards a REMEMBER HYDRAT IO N! 75% of arm mass is made up of water, the rest is muscle. slimmer face. Here are a few If you want to get rid of that extra cushion, you should be drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day. Water flushes the toxins out of your body. kind of like magic, tips on handling your gobbler: SIT UP ST RAIGHT! Good posture allow s you to strengthen your jaw muscles; keeping fat from building under your chinny chin chin. SPARE TIRE: cola Avoid eating simple carbohydrates (sugar) Make fresh fruits & vegetables your best friends. DRINK YOUR BREAKFAST! Do your body some good by pouring yourself a nice glass of protein and vitamins, with your choice of creamy vanilla or MUFFIN TOPS: smooth chocolate IdealShake! Feelin fancy? Simply add your favorite fruit! Say no to trans fats, they can increase your waistline by 30%! INT ERVAL TRAINING Go on. have a go at it! This method allows your body to burn fat quicker. Run at a brisk pace for several minutes, then return to a slower pace minutes, then pick up the pace again for 2 minutes, continue your for BACK FLAPS: STOCK UP ON PROT EIN! An increase of muscle mass means a higher metabolism. allowing your body to burn fat easier. Rowing. boxing and swimming are great exercises to gain muscle and burn fat accumulating on your upper CO entire routine with this method for best results. back. colas THUNDER THIGHS: Plan your m eal times, this will help you to avoid mindless eating. DON'T UNDEREST IMAT E THE HARLEM SHAKER: THE POW ER OF WALKING HINDU SQUAT S Quickly squat up and down, when you are down, make sure your fingers touch the ground. Try doing 8 reps in 5-6 minutes. This exercise will burn fat on your Walking can burn 100-400 per hour. idealshape backside within weeks! Cola

Battle of The Bulge - Your Body and How to Lose Weight

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Certain activities have a direct effect on your body and it's ability to shed those pesky pounds. The right diet and exercises can make all the difference in world. Some of the activities that help ...




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