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Asbestos In UK Schools

ASBESTOS IN UK SCHOOLS IT'S TIME THE PROBLEM WAS SOLVED Danger Asbestos 1. THE PROBLEM More people suffer from asbestos related 75% cancers, such as mesothelioma, in the UK than UK schools contain asbestos, a anywhere else in material known to cause cancer the world Over 253 teachers have died of mesothelioma since 1980 14,210 schools built 1945 - 1975 Who is at risk? 1945 1960 1975 1990 2015 Asbestos-related deaths in teaching & construction are recordable but the amount of British schoolchildren who breathe in cancer-causing fibres and go on to suffer in later life is unknown. The number of caretakers and dinner ladies who suffer is also unknown. Asbestos now kills nearly four times as many teachers in the UK. 253 deaths since 1980. According to a US study, for every school worker who dies of mesothelioma.. .nine former pupils die from asbestos exposure at school. 55.8% 26.5% ??? ??? This equates to more than 100 deaths a year in Britain. No data collection Despite spending millions on Property Data Surveys, no data is being harvested by the Government on the scale of asbestos in UK schools. £2,000-£3,000 per Secondary School (3,000 Schools) £750 - £1,200 per Primary School (17,000 Schools) £500-£700 2. THE NEGLECT on Nurseries Nobody is Removing Asbestos The longstanding government policy is to 'manage' cancerous asbestos instead of removing it from schools. m m mmmm mmmm 80% "Significant parts of the school estate were and are in an unacceptable state" of school stock is beyond it's design life." Education Capital Review - Partnerships for Schools Disturbed & Dangerous Asbestos When asbestos fibres are disturbed they are at their most deadly. 17% of schools failed in asbestos management More than half had failed to train their staff properly 99.05% of schools will NOT be inspected in the latest round of HSE inspections Workplace Control Levels should not be applied to schools: these levels are set for asbestos contractors, not classrooms occupied daily by teachers and pupils The Classroom 'Safe' Exposure Level is twenty times greater Classroom 'Safe' Exposure Level = 0.01f/ml (inhaling 6,000 - 10,000 fibres per hour) Medical Research Council's Safe Exposure Level = 0.0005f/ml %D than the recommended level This is the same level applied to asbestos removal contractors! (Inhaling 300 - 500 fibres per hour) x20 0.05 0.01 Expert medical opinion is that exposure above 0.0005f/ml is 'significant' and can materially increase the risk of mesothelioma developing. 3. THE ONLY SOLUTION ! Take Action NOW We need to take action now. Asbestos is a silent killer that should not be ignored by the Government any longer. Our current and future generations remain at risk for as long as it is ignored. #asbestosinschools or more evidence on asbe pols referen please visit:

Asbestos In UK Schools

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Asbestos now kills nearly four times as many teachers in the UK than in the 1980s. This is just one of the harrowing statistics to come out of research into the killer disease. Created in support of ...


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