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Artificial Sweeteners - Are they really Safe ?

Artifical Sweeteners How safe? Sweet Additions Sugar consuption per person in a year. 45 kg 72 kg 18 kg SUGAR 56 kg SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR India US Brazil Belize Japan Mexico Australia IN USA 1 outof every 4 death is caused by heart dieses. 8.3% population have diabetes 35.7% people are obesses Artificial Sweeteners Usage Others 25% Sucralose 45% Aspartame 6% Stevia 13% People prefer Saccharin 11% Regular soda No Soda 32% 44% Sweeter than Sugar Diet soda Daily safe intake level 24% Aspartame 200 times 50 mg/Kg Banned Artificial Sweeteners | Saccharin 300 times by FDA 5 mg/Kg X sodium cyclamate I X Dulcin X P-4000 Sucralose 600 times 5 mg/Kg Acesulfame K 200 times 15 mg/Kg Stevia 250 times 4.5mg/Kg Side effects Slowing down metabolism Makes you more hungry Deposition of more body fat Increase risk of obesity Other Possible Risks Aspartame Possible risk Sucralose Mood swings, Memory problem, Blurred Vision, Spasms Head and muscle aches, stomach cramps and diarrhea, bladder issues, skin irritation, dizziness and inflammation. Saccharin Aceslulfame-K nausea, headaches, mood problems, impairment of the liver and kidneys, vision problem and possibly cancer Headaches, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, skin problems or other allergy-related symptoms Sources

Artificial Sweeteners - Are they really Safe ?

shared by derickstuff on Aug 23
Are artificial sweeteners safe? Take a look at depth review of artificial sweeteners. Let’s take a look at the sugar consumption in a year around the world. Indian/Japanese intakes 18 kg, American/M...


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