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Are Your Appliances Making You Fat?

Are Your Apaliances Making You FAT? It might sound hard to believe, but many of the modern appliances that make our lives so very easy may come with a HUGE hidden cost They actually may be making you FAT!! Here's how ... #1 The Refrigerator In 1980, the average size of refrigerators in American homes was 19.6 cu ft. Now, it's 22.5 cI cu. ft. 19.6 cu. ft 1980 22.5 cu.ft 2010 But that's not all .. 26% of homes in the U.S. have not one but TWO (!!) refrigerators! And just what's stored in all that extra space ? #2 Microwave Oven Microwave ovens sure make preparing food a breeze ... And they have their advantages .. 65% electrical efficiency makes them environmentally very friendly → They consume /0% LESS energy than conventional ov- ens → Microwave ovens are 4 times FASTER than conven- tional ovens! So making food has become 4 times faster ... Not surprisingly, the microwave ovens became very popular ... in 1965, less than 14% of households in the US had a microwave oven ... TTTTTT T 尔 灾 安安农 安 T 中 中 中 中 个 中 你 个 中 们 中 中 中 宁尔 中 位 师 师 觉 守 T 尔 中分 中 中 价 尔 T 尔 见 中 中 个 By 1976, the number of U.S. households with a microwave was 60% TT 中 个 中 中 中分 TTT By 2010, it was more than 90% TTT This means ... A LOT more people are now preparing food a LOT faster .. But what kind of foods are people using microwave ovens to pre- pare? Definitely NOT this ... But definitely THIS ... #3 Television Ever wondered what happens in your brain when iť's repeatedly bombarded with images like this ... You tend to eat more junk food. In 1965, the average person spent 89 minutes per day watching TV Now, the average person spends a whopping 291 minutes a day watching TV! 2014 1995 1965 100 200 300 TV viewing time - minutes / day So, folks are now storing a LOT more junk food, preparing junk food meals 4 times faster, and exercising a LOT less. The effect is ... The average American male now weighs 196 pounds., up from 166.30 pounds in 1965. 196 Ibs 166 Ibs 1965 2012 Data sources: ; ; ; © 2014 . All trademarks and service marks are prop- erties of their respective owners. 00

Are Your Appliances Making You Fat?

shared by GDasa on Mar 31
Appliances sure make everyday living a lot easier. But they do come with a huge price. See the hidden costs associated with modern conveniences.






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