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Are you at risk from air pollution

ARFAT RISK EROM 131.8 MILLION WHAT CAN BREATHING AIR POLLUTION PEOPLE IN U.S. LIVE WHERE AIR GETS AN PREMATURE DEATH DO TO YOU? ASTHMA ATTACK HEART ATTACK, STROKE 24.8 MILLION PEOPLE IN U.S. LIVE WHERE AIR GETS ALL CARDIOVASCULAR HARM • LUNG CANCER LOW BIRTH WEIGHT INFANT MORTALITY WHEEZING, COUGHING SHORTNESS OF BREATH SUSCEPTIBLIITY OF INFECTION LUNG TISSUE REDNESS, SWELLING MANY PEOPLE FACE GREATER RISK OF HEALTH DAMAGE PEOPLE WITH LUNG DISEASES PEOPLE WITH OTHER INFANTS, TEENS PEOPLE OVER 65 ACTIVE OUTDOORS CHRONIC CONDITIONS Lungs are still developing Exercisers, police officers, hikers Older bodies are Asthma, COPD Heart disease, diabetes more vulnerable HOW CAN YOU PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY? 1 KNOW WHEN THE AIR IS UNHEALTHY FIND YOUR AIR QUALITY FORECAST SO YOU CAN STAY SAFE SUPPORT EPA SETTING STRONGER LIMITS ON OZONE POLLUTION - SO YOU'LL REALLY KNOW WHEN THE AIR ISN'T SAFE TO BREATHE. GOOD UNHEALTHY The EPA needs to strengthen limits on ozone pollution in the air we breathe. The current limits allows dangerous pollution levels. MODERATE VERY UNHEALTHY ● UNHEALTHY (for sensitive populations) TAKE STEPS TO CLEAN UP BIG SOURCES OF POLLUTION DRIVE LESS AND CARPOOL CLEAN UP DIRTY DIESEL VEHICLES USE LESS ELECTRICITY Driving is one of the biggest source of air pollution. Combine trips. Carpool. take mass transit, bike / walk instead. Install filters or replace old diesel trucks, buses and heavy equipment since new diesels are Turn off the lights and use energy efficient appliances. Dirty power plants produce much of our electricity. much cleaner. DON'T BURN WOOD OR TRASH CLEAN UP HARMFUL GASOLINE EMISSIONS CLEAN UP DIRTY POWER PLANTS Cars, trucks, SUVS need updated standards for cleaner tailpipe Burning firewood and trash are More than 400 coal-fired power plants operate in more than 40 states and produce 84 known toxic pollutants. among the largest sources of particles in many parts of the country. emissions and low sulfur fuel. 3 SPEAK UP FOR HEALTHY AIR TELL CONGRESS TO SUPPORT THE CLEAN AIR ACT! TELL EPA WE NEED CLEANER GASOLINE AND VEHICLES SHARE YOUR STORY Want healthier air? Tell us why Tell Congress to protect the law that has cleaned up pollution for Tell EPA to adopt strong standards to clean up gasoline and connect with others on: over 40 years. and vehicles. GCae www.FLOYDWORX.COM *STATE I OF THE AIR AIR STATE For air quality forecasts, AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION. download our State of the Air ® Lungorg phone app from or go to

Are you at risk from air pollution

shared by floydworx on Jul 15
Infographics about air pollution and what to do against it. Made for Lung Assiciation.


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