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Are you a good driver? The quiz!

ARE YOU A GOOD DRIVER ?! THE QUIZ! START What is the first thing you do when you sit down in your car? Do you look in your back mirrors? Do you slow dow before a turn> A: put on your seat-belt B: turn on the radio A: yes B: sometimes A: yes B: no Do you talk on your phone while driving? How often do you pull in front of other cars? A: NO A: rarely B: often B: no, just texting Do you forget to turn on the headlights at night? If the speed limit is 70mph, what speed are you driving with? A: 60-70mph B: it depends A: no B: sometimes What are you doing if the traffic light turns yellow? Do you eat behind the wheel? Do you stop at a 'STOP' sign? A: yes, I do R:if there is a car coming A: slow down the speed A: No B: only fast food to stop B: accelerate the speed Which of the two signs give you the right of way? A: FINISH! B: Now, count the questions you answear with'A'! And the winners are... GOOD DRIVER! Certified Bad Driver A = 11 Please stop driving like you are in GTAI binolat AVERAGE DRIVER! A = 6 to 10 BAD DRIVER! Dude, YOU ROCK! A = 5 or less GOOD DRIVING! You've got the skills, you just need some more practice! So practice carefully! We think you should consider a 'Formula 1' career! We think it's a good idea to get your driver's license first and then start driving! Roads need more drivers like you! THE 5 MOST IMPORTANT TIPS FOR YOUNG DRIVERS! 1. Study your permit book. This will help you to brush up on some rules of the road you may have forgotten. This book will also help you remember some driving safety tips. 2. Drive calmly. Getting nervous about the traffic situation will definitely not improve your driving skills. So do not let minor highway issues distract you from properly operating your vehicle. 3. Get enough sleep. when you are exhausted, sitting behind the wheel is definitely not recommended. Your sight and your perception about the traffic road situation in such cases may become blurry and you may endanger other drivers. If this happens you better rest for a while before you continue driving. 4. Always think what drivers around you are trying to do. This helps a lot. Always think one or two steps ahead of your current action so as to reduce hesitation while driving. 5. Avoid speeding. No matter how much you want to show off with your new sports car keep the speed low on urban roads if you do not want to put your passengers' life at risk. Instead of being amazed by your driving skills if you speed up too much, the other road participants will be negatively impressed by your hazardous driving. To learn more about road accidents and many other types of personal injury cases or to easily find the right accident attorney for your case, call 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE / 1-855-946-8432 or visit Created exclusively for: 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE!

Are you a good driver? The quiz!

shared by JBukovski on Nov 20
Novice drivers in the US are likely to speed up or drive their cars aggressively just to show off how brave they are or how fast their vehicle is. Unfortunately, neglecting the road traffic laws poses...


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