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Are You Fit?

ARE YOU FIT? TAKE THE QUIZ BELOW AND FIND OUT IF YOU ARE! 1. HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET CARDIO EXERCISE? A. At least four times a week B. Once or twice a week C. Hardly ever 2. DOYOU DO ANY FORM OF RESISTANCE TRAINING? A. Yup, at least three times a week. B. Only once or twice a week, if I manage to squeeze it in my schedule. C. Resistance training, huh? Does resisting going back to sleep count? 3. Do YOU SWEAT A LOT DURINGWORKOUTS? A. Like I drenched myself in the rain. B. Sweat? No, I sparkle. C.I quit even before I break a sweat. 4. IF YOU SIT OUT WITH YOUR LEGS STRAIGHT, CAN YOU REACH YOUR TOES? A. I can reach my toes and beyond! B. Yes, but barely. C. Nope. Can't. 5. How DO YOU FEEL AFTER CLIMBINGTHREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS? A. Energized and refreshed. B. A bit out of breath. C. Horrible. I could lie down and sleep. 6. IT'S SATURDAY! YOUR FRIENDSINVITED YOU FOR A WEEKENDHIKE. WHAT DO YOU THINK? A. Bring it on! B. I'd probably go, but only if I have nothing else to do. C. Nah, I prefer to chill. It's weekend. 7. ARE YOU INTO ANY SPORT OR FITNESS ACTIVITY RIGHT NOW? A. Why of course! Getting active is my jam. B. I work out occasionally, whenever I'm in the mood. C. Not really. RESULTS CHECK WHETHER YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY A, B AND C THEN LOOK BELOW TO SEE HOW FIT YOU ARE. YOU ARE VERY FIT MOSTLY Congrats! You have a high fitness level and doing everything right! You're in great shape and it's likely that you find joy in keeping yourself healthy. You're stamina allows you to A's live life to the fullest and inspire others. Be sure to keep challenging yourself so you don't get stuck in a fitness rut. YOU'RE PRETTY FIT MOSTLY You are pretty much in good shape but not as good as you want to be. Exercise can come as a low priority for B's you - something you do only when you have the time and strength. Remember that exercise doesn't have to feel like a chore. Experiment with new activities. With so many options out there, you'll surely find something you'll love and exercise will become a top priority for you. YOU'RE NOT VERY FIT MOSTLY Exercise is not your thing and you're likely to admit that. Perhaps you feel perfectly healthy about yourself and see no need to keep a regular workout plan. Whatever your reason is, remember that there's no harm in being a little C's bit more active. Start out with mini-workouts throughout the day to fit in exercise. If you stay commited, you'll find that exercise can do so much wonders to your life. CONNECT WITH US! + wWW.FACEBOOK.COM/SWEETSWEATUSA @SWEETSWEATUSA MADE BY PINAGENCY.COM FOR SWEETSWEAT.COM

Are You Fit?

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Keeping in good shape is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It's a perfect way to stave off diseases and live a longer life. Think you're in top shape? Find out how fit you really are in ...


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