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Answers to Common Lasik Questions

ANSWERS TO COMMON LASIK QUESTIONS WHAT IS LASIK? • Laser vision correction surgery • Corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism WHAT HAPPENS DURING THE PROCEDURE? • Flap lifted and laser used to reshape cornea • Laser creates flap on eye 3 IS IT PAINFUL? • Lasik does not cause pain • You may feel some pressure on your eye during surgery DD 4 WHAT ANESTHETIC IS USED? • Numbing eye drops and local anesthesia • Sometimes sedatives are used for comfort HOW LONG DOES THE PROCEDURE TAKE? • Surgery takes 10-15 minutes • Total process takes 1-2 hours 6IS LASIK SAFE? • Lasik is FDA-approved • No known cases of Lasik-linked blindness WHAT IS THE RECOVERY LIKE? • Minor itching and burning may occur for a few days • Temporarily blurry vision immediately after surgery 8 WHEN CAN I RETURN TO NORMAL ACTIVITIES? • 1-3 days for most activities • 2 weeks for wearing make-up 9 WHAT ARE SIGNS I AM A GOOD LASIK CANDIDATE? • Your vision correction prescription is stable • You have no medical problems that could interfere with healing LPED PECFD EDFCZP FELOPZD LVC Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland Your Vision. Our Passion. INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: LASIK VISION CENTERS OF CLEVELAND www.LASIKVISIONCENTERSOFCLEVELAND.COM Sources: andMedical Procedures/SurgeryandLifeSupport/ LASIK/ucmo61366.htm :......:

Answers to Common Lasik Questions

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Recovery following Lasik surgery can include minor itching & burning for a few days. It can also result in temporarily blurry vision immediately after the procedure. Learn more by reading through this...


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