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Anatomy of a Growing Industry

Allied Health The number of allied health careers - which include healthcare fields outside the occupations of doctor, nurse and dentist - increased even as the nation went through a recession. That growth is expected to continue in the coming years. Of the 57 jobs expected to grow 29% or more by 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Slatistics projects 42% of them will be allied health careers. Anatomy of a Growing Industry - Growth - Median pay - Top 10% earn Dental Hygienist Cleaning teeth and examining patients for oral diseases such as gingivitis Medical Scientist Conducting research with the goal of improving 38% overal human health 36% $68,250 $93.820 $76,700 Cardiovascular $142,800 Technologist and Technician Audiologist Use imaging technology to aid physicians in diagnosing heart and Diagnose and treat a patient's hearing and balance problems Lusing advanced technology blood vessel conditions 37% 29% $66,660 $49,410 $77,020 $102,210 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Respiratory Therapist Working with patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as Use imaging equipment asthma and emphysema SOMBM punos s into a patient's body to assess and diagnose varlous conditions; they work often with pre-natal 28% 11 44% $54,280 $73,410 $64,380 $88,490 Physician Assistant Practicing medicine under the direction of a physician or surgeon, handing basic medical examinations 12 13 30% $86,410 $117,720 Pharmacy Technician Physical Therapist Helping run a retail pharmecy operation under the supervision of a pharmacist Working with people to recover lost mobility due to accident, ilness or medical condition 32% 39% $28,400 $40,710 $76,310 $107,920 Home Health Aide Aiding those who are disabled, chronically il or impaired Veterinary Technologist and Technician 10 Assist veterinarians 70% in the medical treatment of animals 52% $20,170 - Growth - Median pay - Top 10% earn $29,710 $29,390 $44,030 Medical Assistant Workforce Handie administrative tasks in a physician's office, sometimes including routine procedures such as taking vital signs Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic 60% Athletic Trainer Prevent, diagnose and treat muscle and bone injuries and ilnesses due to physical activity Care for the sick and injured in emergency situations such as accidents or natural 31% disasters $28,860 30% 33% Percentage of total heathcare worid workforce made up of alied $40,190 health workers $41,600 $30,360 $64,390 $51,370 Professions Employed Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; University of Califomia, San Francisco; Heath Professions Network 85 6 USNEWS million Number of different allied health recognid rotessions Haalth Professions Number of people employed in allied health professions UNIVERSITY DIRECTORY Netwark

Anatomy of a Growing Industry

shared by universityconnection on Jun 25
Infographic on the boom in allied health careers highlights the fastest growing health fields over the next decade. What isn't shown is the opportunities that exist for business professionals within ...


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