America's Sugar Addiction

SUGAR AHERICA'S ADDICTION IT'S A GROWING TREND In the 1800s the average American consumed 18 pounds of dietary sugar per year. Today the average American consumes 150 pounds of dietary sugar per year. That's a 733% increase in sugar comsumption. WE LOVE OUR SWEETS 12 tsp 10 Most people eat 100% of their daily sugar allowance during breakfast tsp 10 tsp 2 of Americans drink at least a soda a day 11 tsp 1 soda per day = 55 pounds of sugar per year Mississippi, Alabama, Tennesee are the top 3 states for obesity. All 3 states are at the top in soda consumption with 71-80 gallons of soda consumed per year tsp Sugar stimulates the brain's release of dopamine and serotonin, producing a euphoric effect similar to illicit drugs. 6. tsp 8. tsp FAT FREE Fat free fruit yogurt has 180% more sugar than plain Greek yogurt The average American only eats 25 Ibs of green veggies a year tsp The American Heart Association recommendations: 6 teaspoons of added sugar daily for Women v9 tsp of added sugar daily for Men Feeling Sick? OMG Ice Cream is eaten by 90% of U.S. households SYMPTOMS OF SUGAR Americans consume 19 quarts a year INTOXICATION Headaches Gas 15 tsp Mood Upset Stomach Swings GRANDE THE REALITY The average adult consumes 22 tsp of added sugar a day. Teens consume 34 tsp of added sugar daily. Fatigue Fogginess SOURCES American Heart Association American Diabetes Association Department of Horticultural Science NC State USDA International Dairy Foods Associntion The Journal of School Nursing Center of Public Interest Lick the Sugar Habit, 2nd Editon Census Bureau HEALTHEME HEALTH -ME By: August Harris-Early/Sloan Rachmuth 2011 HEALTHEME INC.

America's Sugar Addiction

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Research findings detailing the problem of sugar addiction in the U.S.




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