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America's Health Disadvantage

AMERICA'S HEALTH (DIS)ADVANTAGE America spent $2.6 TRILLION on healthcare in 2010. Switzerland and Canada 11.4% GDP That's more than any other country in the world! Germany and France 11.6% GDP Netherlands 12% GDP That's 17.6% of GDP $8,233 per person Finland Australia 9.1% GDP 8.9% GDP With that much cash, America should have a health advantage; however, according to a collaborative study within the National Academy of Sciences, the state of Americans' health is at a disadvantage compared to people in similar high-income countries. Total Health Expenditure % of GDP 17.6% 12% 11.6% 11.6% 11.4% 11.4% 11.1% 11% 10.7% 9.6% 9.6% 9.5% 9.5% 9.4% 9.3% 9.1% 8.9% $8,233 IIIIIII Total Health Expenditure Per Capita PPP THE MORTALITY GAP Out of these 17 countries, the U.S. finished dead last (or perhaps "dead first") in nearly every category.* Jobkl DEATHS from Disease & Injury per 100,000 people 2008 505 427 440 397 370 401 500 421 468 410 462 398 349 426 383 378 446 INFANT MORTALITY per 1,000 live births 2005-2009 6.7 4.2 3.7| 3.8 4.2 5.2 3.8 3.8 3.4 2.5 4.8 3.5 2.6 3.0 3.6 4.5 2.7 LIFE EXPECTANCY In Years at birth 2007 20 75.64 80.78 THE MORBIDITY GAP When comparing composite scores of 57 different health indicators, America ranks last among its peers in every age group. OBESE CHILDREN Ages 5-17 35.0% 35.9% IN AMERICA, THE RATE OF 33.8% OBESITY DOUBLES THAT OF ITS PEERS 16.9% WHEN AMERICA IS COMPARED TO ITS PEER COUNTRIES... Americans lose more years to ALCOHOL & DRUGS The U.S. has a The U.S. has the higher death rate from highest prevalence of VIOLENCE DIABETES INJURIES & from ages 20-79 CAR ACCIDENTS The U.S. has the 2nd highest death rate from The U.S. has the 2nd highest prevalence of HIV- HEART and the highest incidence of DISEASE AIDS The U.S. has a higher prevalence of CHRONIC LUNG The U.S. has the DISEASE highest rate of than Europe & the UK OBESITY The U.S. has the highest rate of ADOLESCENT The U.S. has a PREGNANCIES higher prevalence of ARTHRITIS & The U.S. has the highest rate of ACTIVITY LIMITATIONS TEENAGE STD than Europe, the UK, and Japan INFECTIONS WHY? Why is it that Americans spend the most money on healthcare yet live shorter, unhealthier lives than people in similar high-income countries? Experts at the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine pose four possible expla- nations. HEALTH SYSTEMS large uninsured population limited access to primary care A inaccessible or unaffordable healthcare - lapses in the quality and safety of care outside of hospitals HEALTH BEHAVIORS A consume the most calories per person A higher rates of drug abuse A less likely to use seat belts A alcohol related traffic accidents A more likely to use firearms in acts of violence SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC CONDITIONS %24 - higher levels of poverty (especially child poverty) income inequality A lower rates of social mobility A slower education of young people A ineffective safety net programs PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTS more communities are designed around automobiles, and this may discourage physical activity 11 The tragedy is not that the United States is losing a contest with other countries but that Americans are dying and suffering from illness and injury at rates that are demonstrably unnecessary. Steven Woolf Chair, Panel on Understanding Cross-National Health Differences Among High-Income Countries People in the U.S. over age 75 live longer. Americans also have lower death rates from stroke and cancer, better control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lower rates of smoking. SOURCES National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. [2013). U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health. Panel on Understanding Cross-National Health Differences Among High-Income Countries, Steven H. Woolf and Laudan Aron, Eds. Committee on Population, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, and Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Institute Medicine. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.[PPPI_per_capita Icms/nutrition/attachments/2/5/8/CH0163/CMS1233747666008/freisling_e1_2007.pdf Brought to you by IL $5,388 $3,035 L 53,067 $3.433 I $3,758

America's Health Disadvantage

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The United States spent $2.6 trillion on health care in 2010 - more than any other country in the world. Yet based on research from a collaborative effort within the National Academy of Sciences, Amer...




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