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Alternative Therapies &; Cancer

Alternative Therapies & Cancer Cancer is the leading cause of death for people ages 35-64, and the second leading cause for people over 65. Research is still being done on the benefits of alternative therapies for cancer patients, but there is strong evidence to show that treatments like massage, acupuncture, and reiki can offer patients much-needed relief from symptoms and the adverse effects of treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. 100,000 PEOPLE = men = women NEW CASES IN 2011 CANCER DEATHS IN 2011 572K MASSAGEREIKI ACUPUNCTURE M massage R reiki A acupuncture can offer relief 30 MINUTES OF REFLEXOLOGY led to significant drops in pain FROM PAIN levels in breast cancer patients AVG REDUCTION IN PAIN W/MASSAGE OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD AT LEAST 1. 5 EA MASSAGE IN THE LAST YEARS: DID SO FOR HEALTH 31% REASONS SUCH SAID MASSAGE 86% CAN BE AN AS PAIN, INJURY EFFECTIVE MIGRAINES,OR TREATMENT FOR OVERALL WELLNESS PAIN 19% OF AMERICAN ADULTS HAVE USED MASSAGE FOR PAIN RELIEF 1200 PAIN 50% LEVELS cancer patients receiving reiki DROPPING 1/2 OF PATIENTS IN ONE 60% STUDY FELT PAIN RELIEF FROM ACUPUNCTURE FROM SYMPTOMS ACUPUNCTURE + SIDE EFFECTS REFERRALS 6% The American Cancer Society recommends massage therapy to aid cancer patients with a variety of cancer symptoms and treatme 6% side effects. 53% 32% |nausea diarrhea pain constipation appetite anxiety low blood counts insomnia exhaustion depression lack of PAIN |XEROSTOMIA HOT FLASHES NAUSEA/LOSS OF APPETITE OTHER acupuncture has been shown to increase leukocyte IMMUNE SUPPORT phagocytosis leukocytes and to STOP the decline of T cells that's associated with chemotherapy A study on mice suggests acupuncture may increase T cell red blood cell counts, too cancer cell MIND + BODY CONNECTION ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES CAN HELP RESTORE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BODY PATIENTS WHO RECEIVED MASSAGE THERAPY MARKED IT AS THE 1ST TIME THEY HAVE FELT LIKE BEING IN THEIR BODIES SINCE BEING DIAGNOSED ONCOLOGY MASSAGE 30 MINUTES OF REFLEXOLOGY PATIENTS EXPERIENCE 12 24% 58% led to significant drops in anxiety in lung + breast cancer patients DECREASED INCREASED RELAXATION ANXIETY ANXIETY DEPRESSION INSOMNIA have all responded well to both MASSAGE and ACUPUNCTURE IN STUDIES REIKI TREATMENTS HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO IMPROVE 85% QUALITY OF LIFE + MENTAL WELLBEING FAR MORE THAN RESTING AGREE THAT MASSAGE CAN BENEFIT HEALTH AND OVERALL WELLNESS SOURCES ONCOLOGY MASSAGE REPORTED

Alternative Therapies &; Cancer

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Cancer is the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 35-64 and the second leading cause of death for people above the age of 64. Although traditional forms of treatment can be effective...




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