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Allergies 101: Identifying and Preventing Allergies

ALLERGIES 101 IDENTIFYING AND PREVENTING ALLERGIES HOW ALLERGIES CAN AFFECT YOU ALLERGIES CAN LEAD TO... WATERY PERSISTENT eyes and the feeling uf beiny appearance of dark run-down under-eye circles RECURRENT SNEEZING infections of the with a runny or ears, sinuses, eyes, stuffy nose and lungs ITCHY POSTNASAL eyes, nose, and throat DRIP, leading to cough UPPER ASTHMA respiratory issues PREVENTING ALLERGY SYMPTOMS IF YOU REACT TO OUTDOOR ALLERGIES... DON'T STAY KEEP mow lawns or be inside, especially your windows closed around freshly during peak allergy to stop allergens from cut grass levels in early morning blowing in-always use the air conditioner KEEP IF DON'T car windows closed outside, shower hang clothes or bed when travelling and change clothes linens outside, as immediately when they collect pollens WEAR returning inside and molds a mask IF INSIDE, AVOID ALLERGENS BY... AVOIDING > WEAR NOT moldy basements a face mask if you're smoking indoors and dusty attics working in those places REPLACING KEEPING VACUUM HVAC air filters a clean house and mop floors, dust, regularly and wash bedding REMOVE on a regular basis clutter that lets dust, dirt, and allergens collect CLEAN YOUR NOSE USE a saltwater rinse to irrigate your nasal passages THIS will help clean out pollen, dust, and other allergens IDENTIFYING YOUR ALLERGY TRIGGERS PAY ELIMINATE SEE AN ATTENTION SUSPECTS ALLERGIST NOTICE TRY AN when your allergies removing a potential allergist can give you start to flare up trigger to see if your diagnostic tests to symptoms change identify triggers KEEP REINTRODUCE IMMUNOTHERAPY a notebook of where the trigger to find can give you relief you are, symptoms, out if it is indeed from symptoms better and intensity the culprit than OTC methods INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY ALLERCY & ASTHMA SPECIALISTS, P.C. Sources: allergies/allergy-basics/how-to-prevent-allergies.htm allergy-and-asthma/articles/2009/05/01/seasonal- allergy-symptoms-6-ways-to-prevent-or-treat-them allergy-and-asthma/articles/2009/05/01/seasonal- allergy-symptoms-6-ways-to-prevent-or-treat-them?page=2

Allergies 101: Identifying and Preventing Allergies

shared by BrittSE on Jun 08
Dark under-eye circles aren’t always caused by a lack of sleep—these can also be caused by allergies! Check out this King of Prussia asthma and allergy doctor infographic for more facts about alle...


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