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All Fireworks Can Cause Injuries

PLAY WITH FIRE AND YOU MAY GET BURNED FIREWORKS CAN QUICKLY TURN A FAMILY CELEBRATION INTO A NIGHTMARE EMERGENCY ROOM FIREWORKS FACTS 8,500-9,800 FIREWORKS INJURIES AND DEATHS PER YEAR $7.8 MILLION IN FIREWORKS RELATED INJURIES in 2010 in the US $11,500 AVERAGÉ ER BILL for fireworks injuries since 1997 It's no surprise that holidays where fireworks are most prevalent are the busiest days of the year for emergency rooms! Not including rehabilitation, reconstructive procedures, and follow-up care REMEMBER FIREWORKS DON'T JUST BURN ON HOLIDAYS-WEDDINGS, BBQ'S, AND OTHER VARIOUS GET-TOGETHERS CAN ALSO RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY WHAT PART OF YOUR BODY GETS BURNED? Injuries can range from simple burns to fractures, nerve damage, tendon rupture or even amputation HEAD & FACE EYES 17% 17% HANDS & FINGERS TORSO 46% 5% 1%( LEGS FEET 11% 4% 26% OF FIREWORKS INJURIES AFFECT CHILDREN UNDER AGE 15 - THAT'S LIFE CHANGING WHO GETS HURT BY FIREWORKS? ANYONE. 6% 30% 10% 40% 10% AGE 0-4 AGE 5-19 AGE 20-24 AGE 25-44 AGE 45-64 MOST FIREWORKS BURN AT 1,200°F, THAT'S 300°E HOTTER THAN GLASS BURNING! WHICH KINDS OF FIREWORKS CAUSE INJURIES? ALL OF THEM. There are no safe fireworks 24% 20% 14% 10% 9% 9% 5% 5% 5% 3% 1% sparklers reloadable firecrackers shells bottle rockets novelty fireworks firecrackers fireworks llegal homemade multiple tube public display fountain fireworks roman candles fireworks fireworks COMMON Picking up fireworks while they are still active FIREWORKS FAILS Setting off fireworks under glass containers Clustering fireworks together vs separately Not running away fast enough Lighting a device while it's still in-hand DOES YOUR STATE ALLOW FIREWORKS? VT I ALL CONSUMER FIREWORKS BANNED Even some of the oldest states in the country don't support the use of fireworks on Independence Day NY* MA IA NJ IL ОН DE *New York allows novelty fireworks outside New York City 1 ONLY PERMIT NOVELTY FIREWORKS e.g., Sparklers 142 STATES PERMIT THE USE OF SOME OR ALL TYPES OF CONSUMER FIREWORKS And this is where the most fireworks injuries are from ALMOST 90% OF INJURIES OCCUR WITH FEDERALLY PERMITTED FIREWORKS KEEPING FIREWORKS SAFE AND FUN LEAVE FIREWORKS TO THE PROFESSIONALS IF YOU MUST USE CONSUMER FIREWORKS KEEP CHILDREN FAR AWAY Wear heat-protected gloves Don't let children light fireworks Leftover fireworks containers may still be active - stay away Don't use consumer fireworks Enjoy a public fireworks display with your family instead Read the instructions Light the fuse and stand back 50-100 feet WHILE MANY OF THESE INJURIES CAN BE TREATED, THEY CAN NEVER BE UNDONE. THE BEST TREATMENT IS PREVENTION. THINK TWICE BEFORE PUTTING YOURSELF OR OTHERS IN DANGER BY MIS-USING FIREWORKS SOURCES National Fire Protection Association report, June 2013 Saucedo JM, Vedder NB. "Firework related injuries of the hand." Journal of Hand Surgery (American). February 2015. DEVELOPED BY | NOWSOURCING

All Fireworks Can Cause Injuries

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There's no such thing as safe fireworks. Learn more about the most common injuries caused by fireworks from this infographic.


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