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All About Bed Bugs

a handy guide to understanding BED BUGS Over the past few years you might be surprised to learn that bed bug population in the U.S. has increased by The 1st and 5th most bed bug infested cities on this year's top ten list are in 500% OHIO WHERE DO BED BUGS LIVE? TOP 10 CITIES 1 Cincinnati 2 Philadelphia 3 Detroit 4 New York, NY 5 Columbus, OH 6 Los Angeles 7 Dallas/Ft. Worth 8 Chicago 9 Houston 10 Baltimore A BED BUG SURVEY As in previous years, survey respondents continue to treat for bed bugs in a variety of places outside private residences. Percentages denote professionals reporting treating bed bugs in specific locations. 75% Hotel/Motel 47% College dorms 46% Nursing homes 41% Schools & day care centers 36% Office buildings 33% Hospitals 21% Train/bus/taxi 15% Retail stores 12% Libraries 10% Movie theaters 9% Laundromats 7% Restaurants 2% Airplanes 25 50 75 100 TRUE OR FALSE? Recent responses to one survey demonstrate that myths surrounding bed bugs are still prevalent. What are these myths, and more importantly, what are the truths? 47% 29% 37% Bed bugs can transmit Bed bugs are more common Bed bugs are attracted to diseases to humans in low-income homes unclean homes FALSE FALSE FALSE Scientific studies have shown bed bugs can't transmit Bed bug populations are not directly affected by sanitary conditions No proven correlation between economic status and diseases to humans bed bug infestation TRUE TRUE TRUE WHY WON'T THEY JUST GO AWAY? 58° Not following pest control advice EXCUSES, EXCUSES According to one survey these are the biggest 16% Re-infestation customer-oriented challenges in completely eradicating bed bugs. 26% Homeowner clutter BED BUG HIDEOUTS Bed bugs are a rusty-red color and are about the size of Lincoln's head on the US penny (6mm). Cracks and crevices around headboards or in walls Electronics kept near beds Pillows, bed linens, mattresses and box springs WHILE YOU'RE THERE Look in these same spots for bed bug droppings, and blood spots or black markings. eggs, SOURCES Brought to you by: http://ento.p DoMyownPestControl .com

All About Bed Bugs

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Ever wondered which cities have the highest bed bug infestations? How fast is the population of bed bugs growing? This infographic will reveal all!


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