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Alcoholism Effects on the Body | Hope Recovery Treatment Center

ALCOHOLISM EFFECTS ON THE BODY ALCOHOL SHOULD BE CONSUMED IN MODERATION. Heavy drinking can affect you physically and emotionally. Be aware of the slow damage to your body caused by excessive alcohol intake, and learn to moderate how much you drink. BRAIN ANXIETY IMPAIRED MEMORY SLURRED SPEECH DEPRESSION SLOWED REACTION TIMES MOOD AND PERSONALITY CHANGES LONG TERM HEAVY DRINKING changes brain chemistry. Alcohol appears to decrease brain tissue and also deprive the brain of necessary vitamins. HEART SHORTNESS OF BREATH SWELLING IN YOUR LEGS AND FEET TIREDNESS AN IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT HEART FAILURE ALCOHOL CAN CAUSE the heart to either beat too quickly or beat irregularly. These irregularities are called arrhythmias and can have serious consequences for your health. LUNGS PNEUMONIA ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISTRESS SYNDROME (ARDS) EXCESSIVE DRINKING can harm the molecular life of the lung and lead to serious illness, including pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Y LIVER ALCOHOLIC LIVER DISEASE (ALD) FATTY LIVER ALCOHOLIC HEPATITISA CIRRHOSIS ALCOHOL IN LARGE AMOUNTS kills liver cells until the liver can no longer repair itself. The end result should a person continue to drink is Cirrhosis. STOMACH 7 INFLAMMATION BLEEDING LESIONS IRRITATION OF STOMACH LINING PEPTIC ULCERS CANCER JUST ONE INCIDENT of heavy drinking can irritate the stomach and cause sickness and pain. The steady drinking of alcohol can lead to the regular occurrence of these symptoms. REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM TESTICULAR ATROPHY STERILITY IMPOTENCE LOSS OF LIBIDO REDUCTION IN SIZE OF THE PROSTATE GLAND DECREASED SPERM PRODUCTION HEAVY DRINKING CAN LEAD to sexual dysfunction in men, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and lowered sexual appetite in women. Babies born to alcoholic mothers are at risk for any number of physical and mental conditions. Sources: Hope Recovery Treatment Center news-index/2013/How-alcohol-affects-your-heart alcohol-effects-on-liver.cfm Call Now! (914) 267-1959

Alcoholism Effects on the Body | Hope Recovery Treatment Center

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Alcoholism should be drunk moderately. Eventually, it could affect you physically and emotionally if you lose control over it and slowly damaging your body, by knowing the effect of alcohol on your bo...


Hope Recovery Treatment Center


Hope Recovery Treatment Center


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