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Alcoholism Cause and Effect

ALCOHOLISM CAUSE AND EFFECT KCAUSE While there are many factors that drive someone to become an alcoholic, they all converge at: THE BRAIN'S REWARD SYSTEM. 1 The main chemical involved in this system is the neurotransmitter Dopamine. 2. Dopamine is released when the drinker has a positive experience. Through various processes, alcohol increases the effects of dopamine in the brain, and happy feelings are chemically amplified. The dopemine has the greatest effect on the Mesolimbic System. Ventral Tegmental Area Nucleus Accumbens Amygdala HippocampuS Mesolimbic System A. The wave of dopamine begins in the Ventral Tegmental Area. Next, the dopamine signals enter the Nucleus Accumbens where rewarding feelings are generated. Once a rewarding feeling is generated the Amygdala is signaled to analyze the emotion. Finally, after these steps are repeated many times, the Hippocampus stores a long term link between alcohol and happiness. L A neurological link between happiness and alcohol, combined with other gradual chemical changes in the brain, produce symptoms of Addiction. EFFECTS NERVOUS AND NEUROLOGICAL CARDIOVASCULAR Prospective memory is impaired Sleep cycle is disrupted • Brain shrinks in physical size Brain lesions are common and • Heart failure • Anemia Cardiomyopathy Normal Cardiomyopathy more wide spread LIVER • Alcoholic hepatitis • Cirrhosis GASTRDINTESTINAL • Stomach inflamation • Persistent heartburn • Poor nutrient absorbtion SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION Diarrhea • Stomach bleeding Decreased sexual desire Erectile dysfunction Impaired orgasm • Nerve damage Sources: 7.

Alcoholism Cause and Effect

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This very informative infographic provides information and a diagram for the causes of alcoholism from the reactions and chemical releases in our brain. It also shows a diagram of the body to show how...




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