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ADHD or a Hands-on-Learner?

ADHD or Hands-On Learner? ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorder for kids in the United States. According to the CDC, at least 4.5 million children under age 18 have been diagnosed with ADHD. are misdiagnosed with ADHD because their behavior does not match Nearly 1 million children their peers or fit the classroom teaching style. Hands-on learning behaviors often mimic ADHD symptoms: ADHD Behavior Indicators Kinesthetic Learner Behavior Indicators VS. • Is often "on the go" • Need body movement • Often has trouble paying attention • Loses interest quickly • Often struggles with poor achievement when taught without movement • Often makes mistakes on schoolwork • Has trouble or does not like activities that take a lot of mental effort • Has trouble when asked to "look and listen" for long periods of time Easily distracted • Moves on to new things quickly • Fidgets in seat when expected • Often wiggles in seat to sit still • Often gets up to go sharpen pencil, go to the bathroom, etc. • Often gets up from seat Boys are 2X as likely to be kinesthetic, hands on learners who learn best through movement. They are also almost 3X more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHD. There are 3 basic learning styles: Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Learning in traditional classrooms is 70% auditory but only approximately 20% of students are auditory learners. Why Is Understanding Learning Styles Important? Learning should be exciting! But kids often lose their enthusiasm when taught with only 1 primary learning style. When we know and understand a child's learning style, we can bring the excitement back. We can begin to engage more of their brain. And we can create long term memories that become the foundation for future success. Because when we teach how they learn best, they will thrive! DO YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD'S LEARNING STYLE? Find out today at Bridgeway ACADEMY Customizing Education. Unlocking Potential. Call to learn more! 800.863.1474 • Sources

ADHD or a Hands-on-Learner?

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