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Acne Attack

ACNE ATTACK! Acne ain't just for teenagers any more! More and more, bad skin and acne can hit people of all ages. LĂșckily, there are many different ways to treat blemishes, from typical treatments and cover up to more natural home remedies. Typical Acne Treatments f OTC TOPICAL TREATMENTS TREATMENTS ISOTRETINOIN ANTIBIOTICS /ACCUTANE RX TOPICAL a powerful medication for severe acne, mild lotions that strong lotions that promote cell turnover and plugging of hair follicles. a short course of oral sometimes considered a "last resort" since it has dry up oil, kill bacteria, and promote shedding of dead skin cells. antibiotics can reduce bacteria and fight inflammation from acne. some nasty side effects. (Dry lips/skin, nosebleeds, rash, depression, etc.) ACNE COVER-UP TECHNIQUES WITH MAKEUP If medication and prescription strength cleansers aren't working, here's a step-by-step guide to concealing your acne with makeup. It's usually best to choose makeups specially formulated for acne. Step 1: Cleanser Use a gentle acne cleanser and toner to clean and dry your skin before applying makeup. Apply a light moisturizer if your skin is too dry. Step 2: Primer Rub a primer into your skin, both face and neck to prepare your skin for your foundation. Use a green primer if you have very red blemishes. Step 3: Concealer Can be applied before or after foundation. Dot your concealer on problem areas and blend gently using a patting motion. Step 4: Foundation Dot your foundation onto your face. Use you hands or a brush to smooth over skin. Step 5: Powder Powders help set the foundation and lock it in. Use a brush or powder puff and apply powder by gently patting it on your skin in circular motions. Natural Acne Treatments &- Cleansers d There are many alternatives to commercial acne treatments - many of which you already have stocked in your house! Olive Oil for Cleanser Lemon Juice for Toner Massage a small amount into your skin and let sit for 3 minutes. Apply a steamy towel over your face. After it cools, use it to wipe away remaining oil. Dilute slightly with water. Apply to your face and wash off after Inutes Egg Yolk for Unclogging Pores Separate the yolks of 2 eggs from the egg white. Mix the eggs, apply to your face, allow it to harden and sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Honey for Spot Remover Honey is naturally antibacterial. Dab a small amount on a zit and cover with a band-aid overnight. Most zits will be significantly smaller by the next morning. Garlic for Prevention Crush 2 peeled garlic cloves into a pulp. Apply the juice from it to your face and wash after 5-10 minutes. Oatmeal To Reduce Redness Vitamin-rich oatmeal can reduce redness and inflammation. Mix 1 cup oatmeal in 1 cup boiling water and allow to cool. Apply it to your face and rinse after 3 minutes. Celebrities with Aene Even celebrities get zits - they just have a few more options in treating acne breakouts, including the almighty airbrush technique. CAMERON DIAZ ALICIA KEYS ADAM LAMBERT "Sometimes l'll look in the mirror and just be like DAMN where'd that come from?! Seriously, I'm 35 freakin' years old. When will this stop?" "When you're in high school, somebody might say something (about acne) and hurt your feelings. Well, imagine the entire world looking at you, constantly scrutinizing your face.", "Mine? I have bad skin... But acne scarring. Breakouts. Sucks. But whatever. U gotta accept your flaws. :) - via Twitter EMMA STONE JOHN CUSACK SALMA HAY EK "Yeah, I wear pretty strong SPF. I'm actually pretty Interested in skin care, because I had bad hormonal acne when I was 17, and they put me on Accutane for it. After two months on the Accutane, I went off of it, and since then, my skin, my mouth, my lips, my eyes are all so dry. " "I remember once acting really cool on a bus with this girl named Stephanie. When I got home, I realized that I had a really big zit on my forehead. If you have acne problems, you really shouldn't be acting like Don Juan." "You want to talk about bad skin? had acne. And this acne was so bad, It sent me into a severe, severe depression. Like I couldn't leave the house. I'd wake up in the morning and lie there and touch my face before I got up, just to prepare myself to look in the mirror!" - Interview with Lucky Magazine Copyright 2013 | All Rights Reserved.

Acne Attack

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Displays typical acne treaments as well as make-up cover-ups and natural acne treatments. Also has quotes from celebrities with acne.


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