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95% of people don't know these things about water, but you should

You must know about the pH level of water you drink pH Describe how acidic or basic the water is Acidic H level of drinking water 7 Natural 6-8.5 pH level of pure water is Basic OSMO 14 RO CARE 011-43-23-23-23 You must know about the Hardness of water you drink Hardness Is the dissolved calcium E magnesium in water Soae does not give lather with hard water Mg2+ Ca2+ Seen as white deposition on taps, faucets etc. Units of Measurement parts per million (ppm) Classitication Grains per galton milligrams per liter (mg/1) OSMO Below 60 mg/1 Soft water RO CARE 60-120 mg/1 Moderate Hard Water 120-180 mg/1 Hard Water 011-43-23-23-23 Above 180 mg/1 Very Hard Water Some important factors you should know about TDS TDS Unit: mg/1 Total Dissolved Solids (ions, Minerals, Metals) h Water High TDS Scaling Corrosion TDS Level affects taste of water 2500 mg/1 Good Taste Ih water pipes/utensils/bathroom ittings 500-1000 1000 mg/1 Like sodium, ions, carbonate, chloride, Suliate ions mg/1 Unacceptable taste Fair taste OSMO RO CARE 011-43-23-23-23

95% of people don't know these things about water, but you should

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Ultra filtration is a layer detachment procedure in which fine particles or other suspended matters, with a molecule measure in the scope of 0.005 to 0.1 microns, are divided from a fluid. It is equip...



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