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9 Things You May Not Know About Cancer

WORLD CANCER Day Tuesday 4th February 2014 The aim of World Cancer Day is to improve the general knowledge and awareness surrounding cancer. Here are some facts you may not have come across before now.... Did you know? The word cancer is related to the Greek word meaning crab because the finger-like projections of the cells are similar to the shape of a crab The first operation to use anesthesia was a breast cancer surgery. During a 13.5-hour surgery, physicians were able to pull out a malignant brain tumor from an 11-year-old girl's nose in Texas. 4 There are over 28 million cancer survivors worldwide. Some types of cancer, including testicular cancer, also produce hCG. This means if a sufferer were to take a pregnancy test, it may show as positive. ???? The first recorded mastectomy for 6 breast occurred in A.D. 548 on Theodora, Empress of Byzantine. A black lab named Marine has been trained by Japanese scientists to detect colorectal cancer. She 7 can detect cancer by sniffing a patient's breath. The dog sniffing test has been shown to be accurate 98% of the time. 8. The left breast is statistically more prone to developing cancer than the right breast. Scientists are unsure why. Researchers also speculate that left-handed women are more prone to developing breast cancer. On average, it takes 100 days or more for a cancer cell to double in size. It takes about 10 years for cells to divide to a size that can be actually felt. Not knowing these facts is not a matter of life and death, but not knowing the signs and symptoms of cancer can be. Cancer is much easier to treat with early diagnosis, substantially improving the prognosis for survival. Being cancer aware could save your life. Source: ASONS SOLICITORS se-13-Cancer-Facts

9 Things You May Not Know About Cancer

shared by AsonsSolicitors on Jan 29
Following the success of last year’s campaign, this year the 4th February marks ‘World Cancer Day 2014.’ An opportunity to talk about cancer, World Cancer Day aims to dispel the rumours, dismiss...


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