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9 Habits of Highly Effective Nurses

OHABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE NURSES Whether you're beginning your studies or starting your first placement, there are certain habits that ensure success. If you're a people person, then you're already half way there, but what are the habits that keep highly effective nurses at the top of their game? AVOID TAKING SHORTCUTS Saving time can be beneficial, but not at the cost of completing tasks correctly. Complete tasks in a structured way, i.e. step by step Always follow correct procedure DON'T RUSH TASKS No matter how frantic the day may seem, rushing only leads to mistakes. Plan ahead – create a mental to do task list Keep a calm head and stick to your plan NURSING TIMES LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW Whether you're building new areas of expertise or taking refresher courses for what you alre ady know – a thirst for knowledge is an invaluable trait. Have an open mind towards new practices and techniques Read magazines and journals such as Nursing Times to expand your knowledge 4 ΜΑNAGΕ IME Being punctual and managing a packed schedule become second nature to an effective nurse. Break each day into blocks of times - managing tasks in order of importance Always be on time - or early if that's possible ASK FOR HELP Being a nurse is tough, so if a helping hand is needed don't fret over asking for support. (? Don't hesitate, just ask Seek out the advice of others who have been in your nursing shoes BE FOCUSED AND PROACTIVE Meeting targets and staying on top of your workload will save you time in the long run. Focus on one task at a time Be flexible to adapt to new situations don't overload yourself SET GOALS Setting personal targets will offer motivation and encourage good habits. GOALS Make realistic goals for each day or week Reward yourself if a goal is met – noting what might be improved next time 8. BE A TEAM PLAYER You can't do it all on your own, so getting along with your fellow coworkers is vital to doing a job well done. Show respect towards coworkers and patients Help colleagues where possible COMMUNICATE CLEARLY Whether it's frantic coworkers or distressed patients, effective communication is the best tool at your disposal. Think before responding to any negativity Provide relevant information - outlining key points Being the best nurse possible is no easy task, but it's made simpler by following the habits of highly effective nurses. So set yourself some goals and start rewarding yourself – you've earned it. SOURCES Dent, S. (2014). 7 habits of highly successful nurses. Finn, L. (2015). 7 habits to become a nurse. Gokenbach, V. (2012). 5 things that make a good nurse great. Heacock, S. (2012). 8 qualities that make up great nurses. Howard, C. (2015). 10 habits of highly successful nursing students. Murphy, P. (2015). 7 habits of highly effective nursing students. Sunbelt 2 Staffing• NeoMam Studios This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - /by-sa/4.0 Co ||| l0000 0000

9 Habits of Highly Effective Nurses

shared by sarahtramm on Jan 22
Whether you’re beginning your nursing studies or starting your first nursing job, there are certain habits that ensure success. If you’re a people person, then you’re already half way there, but...




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