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8 Things That Could Invoke Sudden Aggression In a Dog

8 Things That Could Invoke Sudden AGGRESSION In a Dog Intense Staring Being Alone Never stare at a dog's eyes for too long. To a dog, this is interpreted as a challenge. Dogs who seem tense, restless or aggressive are especially dangerous to stare at. Dogs are social animals and your family is their pack. It's common for a dog to act out due to anxiety or stress when left alone for too long. Yelling Hugging BAD DOG! Yelling to stop bad behavior will only scare, confuse or agitate your dog. Acting calm and assertive is key to being a successful pack leader. Hugging is a foreign concept to ani- mals and is often interpreted as a form of dominance. Most dogs will strongly reject or quietly tolerate a hug. Teasing Change of Routine Teasing a dog may be fun for you, but is very annoying to a dog. Teasing un- willing dogs can make them shy, inse- cure or aggressive. Dogs depend on a routine. If chang- es to a routine occur, it can stress your dog and result in behavioral problems. Patting the Head Talking too Much Blah blah blah... Dogs love a scratch behind the ear or a good belly rub, but like humans dogs generally don't enjoy having their heads touched. Dogs may understand a few key words, but that's all. Using body lan- guage or non-verbal cues are best when communicating with a dog. Robert J. DeBry ASSOCIATES

8 Things That Could Invoke Sudden Aggression In a Dog

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Though nearly all dogs are kind, a select few aren't. In order to keep these kinds of canines from causing any harm, do anything and everything within your power to not provoke them.


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