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8 Nutritional Tips For Cyclists

Nutritional Tips For Cyclists Superheroes Edition Breakfast Carbs Look for foods high in carbohydrate before starting your morning training. This helps increase your energy levels. Superman suggests: Yogurt fat-free yogurt eggs or omelette banana Protein Protein improves your post-ride recovery. However, don't overdo it – anyone eating a balanced diet and taking in enough calories is already likely to be consuming enough protein Batman Suggests: protein recovery shake nuts or seeds fish Glucose and Fructose Recent research has shown that a mixture of glucose and fructose drinks during exercise can improve performance by eight percent when compared to a glucose drink alone Spidermans Tip: Check the label to make sure it contains a mixture of glucose or maltodextrins and fructose for best results - flavour comes second! Green Tea Drinking green tea has many health benefits and, most importantly for cycling performance, seems to increase the amount of fat you use as a fuel. Green Lantern says: Green tea can delay fatigue at a given intensity - no promises that itll give you my powers though. Caffeine Caffeine has consistently been shown to improve performance. The most likely mechanism by which it works is by stimulating the central nervous system into working a little harder. Wonderwomen suggests: caffeinated caffeine tablets coffee (to recover) gel Bioflavonoids Bioflavonoids are naturally occurring chemicals found in foods. The big benefit is that they stimulate the production of mitochondria in the muscle - creating more muscle cells, made for a longer lasting performance. Captain America suggests: strawberries broccoli green Nitrates Nitrates are naturally occurring substances that stimulate the production of nitric oxide, burning more fire-power through your muscles. Ghost Rider suggests: beetroot spinach celery Nuts and Seeds Nuts and seeds are good sources of essential fatty acids. They help decrease inflammation and enhance recovery. Aim to eat a handful of seeds or nuts each day and you'll recover much quicker. Thor suggests: almonds pumpkin seeds cashews Cycle Claims Sources: Superhero illustrations: Mike Joo Nutrition Info: Bike Radar Images: Google Images / Piktochart

8 Nutritional Tips For Cyclists

shared by sally.montgomer... on May 27
Who'd have ever thought that superheroes are also keen cyclists? Not only that, but they have some nutritional advice for all cycling enthusiasts. Infographic created by Cycle Claims Management - UK ...


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