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8 Common Areas of Difficulty for Children with Acquired Brain Injury

8 COMMON AREAS OF DIFFICULTY This picture represents Oliver's inability to access books. It's a locked bookcase. Oliver Cartwright, aged 16 FOR CHILDREN WITH ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY, "When I feel angry "it's like a valcanic eruption' in my head". 'EXECUTIVE AS PAINTED BY THE CHILDREN Benjamin Whymark, aged 7 SKILLS' 'BEHAVIOUR' Me going down to Scot-mid (Co-op) when I first realised the differences happening. Kyle Maoney, aged 18 'MEMORY' The painting shows Jashua finds communication hard. Everything is so fast and he needs extra time to find an answer. He feels his mind is like a maze and he struggles to find an answer to questions he is asked. Joshua Russell- Douglas, aged 1 'COMMUNICATION' by Jec Solated Libraykegi quiet Different Excluded Logely Sad ome on and Shake 'FATIGUE' 'PERCEPTION' 'ATTENTION & "Squiggily Josh has chosen the story of the "Tortoise and the Hare", he feels like the tortoise "slow but steady" BUT would have to rest like the hare did due to fatigue. "It's party time" is showing how he finds it hard to control himself in public e.g. in a quiet library he wants to dance about like he's having a party CONCENTRATION' This shows that an idea in your head takes lots of work to put on paper fit took 2.5 hours). Josh Bannister, aged 16 Megan Wadlow, aged 14 'SOCIAL The picture shows how frustrating Melissa finds socialising with her peer group. Her back is up against the wall and she lives in a dark gloomy place. Ewan MacKeracher, aged 9 SKILLS' Melissa Shearer, aged 12 Bolt Burdon Kemp Child Brain Injury Brain Injury Week Trust What acion wil youe

8 Common Areas of Difficulty for Children with Acquired Brain Injury

shared by BigGroup on May 20
Bolt Burdon Kemp, with the cooperation of the Child Brain Injury Trust, have produced an infographic displaying the 8 areas of difficulty for children with acquired brain injury. The 8 areas of diff...


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