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7 Male hair loss causes (and how to fix them)

7REAS REASONS WHY YOU SUFFER FROM HAIR LOSS (AND HOW TO FIX IT) There are many types of hair loss with many different causes. So before you resort to radical and expensive treatments, it's important to know whether your hair loss could have a simpler solution. WE HAVE BROKEN DOWN THE COMMON CAUSES OF HAIR LOSS INTO THREE GROUPS: A Genetic causes B Lifestyle factors C Skin conditions GENETIC CAUSES IT'S IN YOUR GENES The most common cause of FIXING YOUR HAIR: hair loss male pattern baldness, which causes the familiar "U-shape" balding The most effective treatment patch on many men. for genetic hair loss is a prescription tablet called Finasteride (often sold as Despite popular belief, this "Propecia"). This treatment stops hair loss in 90% of men. condition is not caused by stress but is purely genetic and passed on by both sides of the family. YOU'RE GROWING OLDER FIXING YOUR HAIR: レ Unfortunately you can't fight Nowadays, many men simply embrace hair loss in older age Mother Nature on this one. Both men and women will see and wear it with style. at least some hair loss and thinning as they age. However if you're not happy about losing your hair, then prescription tablets, Minoxidil lotion, and hair From 30 onwards, hair growth starts to slow and volume transplants are all clinically effective treatments. decreases. LIFESTYLE FACTORS YOU'RE NOT EATING RIGHT Like anything else, your hair needs nutrients to grow and FIXING YOUR HAIR: stay healthy. Sudden weight loss, low iron levels, or a poor diet can all lead to hair Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of protein, iron, zinc and biotin. Legumes shedding - albeit on a temporary basis. like kidney beans and lentils are a great place to start. YOU'RE TOO STRESSED FIXING YOUR HAIR: Despite what most people think, stress is a very rare cause of hair loss. Removing the cause of your stress is best, but when this Only one type of hair loss (telogen effluvium) is caused by intense physical or emotional stress. This type of isn't possible (i.e. from a job you can't quit) then consider trying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and taking regular hair loss causes a sudden exercise to manage the stress. widespread thinning, rather than a receding hairline. Hair growth should return to normal within 6 months, YOUR HAIR IS TOO TIGHT FIXING YOUR HAIR: Fashion and healthy-hair often sit together about as well as oil and water - tight Be sensible, and don't follow hair damaging trends that pull your hair too tight. Take care of your scalp by using moisturising braids, man buns, cornrows and harsh treatments can all damage your scalp significantly. And if the shampoos and conditioners, and roots are damaged, that avoid dying your hair too often without a break. means hair loss. SKIN & SCALP CONDITIONS YOU MAY HAVE PSORIASIS Easily mistaken for dandruff. FIXING YOUR HAIR: psoriasis of the scalp causes an overproduction of skin If you suspect psoriasis is the cause, consult your doctor who can provide treatments such as cells visible as large white flakes. This condition can sometimes damage hair medicated shampoos. Hair growth should return to normal follicles and lead to temporary hair loss. once this condition is treated. YOU MAY HAVE SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS ITCH! ITCH! FIXING YOUR HAIR: ITCH! A harmless skin condition Try to avoid scratching as this sometimes found on the can lead to a secondary infection, then seek advice and scalp, indicated by small red patches that are often treatment from your doctor - hair growth should resume once the scalp is less inflamed. itchy. This is caused by an inflammatory response in your scalp and can cause hair loss in large patches on the head. HAIR LOSS HAPPENS TO ALMOST EVERY MAN AT SOME POINT IN HIS LIFE. In fact, 50% of men over 50 experience male pattern baldness. Treatments are becoming more advanced every year, so identify the cause of your hair loss first and then seek the best possible treatment. SOURCES Baldwin, K. (2012). Female hair loss: causes and treatment. Brett, T. (2015). How to stop hair loss. NHS. (2015). Hair loss. Lewin, J. (2013). What to eat for healthy hair.

7 Male hair loss causes (and how to fix them)

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Hair loss happens to almost every man at some point in his life. Identify the cause of your hair loss first and then seek the best possible treatment.






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