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7 Health Numbers Every Man Should Know

7 Health Numbers Every Man Should Know Blood Pressure Fasting Blood Glucose Fasting Glucose Level Systolic 140 or above OR Diastolic 90 or above Diabetes High More than 125 mg/dl Pre- High Systolic between 121-139 OR Diastolic between 81-89 Between 100 mg/dl and Pre-Diabetes Systolic 120 or less AND Diastolic 80 or less Normal 125 mg/dl Less than 100 mg/dl Normal Cholesterol LDL Cholesterol Normal Artery Artery Narrowed by Arteriosclerosis HDL Cholesterol (mg/dL) Description >60 Excellent Plaque 40-59 Good Normal Interrupted Blood Flow Blood Flow <40 Poor HDL Cholesterol LDL Cholesterol Description (mg/dL) Ideal for Men at HIGH <70 Risk for Heart Disease Ideal for Men at Risk <100 for Heart Disease 100-129 Near Ideal 130-159 Borderline High 160-189 High >190 Very High Body Mass Index Body Mass Index Description <18.5 Underweight 18,5-24.9 Normal Weight 24.9-29.9 Overweight 30.0-34.9 Obese (Class 1) 35.0-39.9 Obese (Class 2) >40.0 Morbidly Obese Body Mass Index Description Waist-To-Height Ratio <35% Underweight 35 - 43% Healthy Slim 43 - 53% Healthy 53 - 58% Overweight 58 - 63% Seriously Overweight >63.0% Morbidly Obese Testosterone Levels Total Testosterone Description (ng/dL) <300 Low Testosterone 300-1050 Normal Testosterone References: Medscape Online.

7 Health Numbers Every Man Should Know

shared by kmcgowan on Jan 02
What are the most important health numbers that every man should know? Here are 7 basic health numbers every man needs to know. Knowing these 7 basic numbers will help you better understand your overa...


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