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7 Allergens in Your Home: That You Don't Know About

ALLERGENS IN YOUR HOME That you don't know about... Indoor/Outdoor allergy sufferers: 40 MILLION Estimated annual cost of allergies in US: $7 BILLION $18 ALLERGY SYMPTOMS ALLERĢIES are the clear nasal discharge itchy, watery, bloodshot eyes itchy, stuffy nose sneezing 5TH leading cause of CHRONIC ILLNESS scratchy Swollen cough Wheezing Tightness in the chest People spend 0% more 5X polluted where the air is of life indoors OUT IN LIFE IN HERE YUCK! INDOOR ALLERGENS and how to avoid them DUST DUST MITES It's estimated that there are anywhere from 100K > remove drapes, feather pillows, upholstered furniture, non-washable comforters and soft toys х 1K replace carpets with linoleum or wood to 10M dust mites in the average bed! mop floor and wipe surfaces with damp mop/cloth > vacuum regularly with a machine that has a high- efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter х 100K > install an air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate or electrostatic filter wash all bedding in HOT water every 7-10 days >do not use mattress pads cover mattresses and pillows with plastic covers PET DANDER POLLEN Pollen is carried inside from outdoors in a number of ways: CLOTHES HAIR VENTILATION PETS WIND 10M people are allergic to cat dander, making it the most common allergy. >use allergen-resistant bedding > shower or bathe before you go to bed >avoid going outside on dry, windy days keep windows and doors closed use an air conditioner bathe your pets frequently use an air filter COCKROACHES MOLD BATHROOM = MOLD HOT SPOTS! When cockroaches die, their bodies crumble and mix with dust. keep faod in sealed containers >don't leave pet food out too long >make sure all crocks and holes are covered > bug bomb twice a year > clean behind areas like the stove and fridge >clean shower areas prone to dry rot, and indoor trash cans regularly use a mix of water and bleach to kill mold open doors and windows, and use fans to increase airflow do not carpet bathrooms use mold-proof paint ENDOTOXINS TREATMENTS (medications) Antihistamines + Decongestants Cromolyn sodium endotoxins increase the likelihood of asthma symptoms by 300% Nasal steroid sprays * Endotoxins come from bacteria that can live in dust. They can be avoided in the same ways as dust or mold. Eye drops SOURCES: htp:/familydoctor.erg/online/famdocen/home/cemmon/allergies/basies/083.hml - kip:// 083.himl - htp:// - hrtp:// htp://familydloctor. org/onine/famdocen/home/common/allergies/bosics/083.hml - htp:// kidswith asthma/osthmo triggers/common indoorallergens htm kidowith-asthma/asthmotriggers/commonindoorallergens.htm- - hitp:// cfmfid-9&sub-30 - allergyetatistics himl nodicinenacm.

7 Allergens in Your Home: That You Don't Know About

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
Many Americans are effected by allergies but there are allergens in their own home that they don't know about. This infographic shows what kind of allergens might live in your home, how they affect yo...


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