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6 Ways To Stress Less

6 WAYS TO Stress Less Exercise produces endorphins, which are neurotransmitters Being close to and touching someone, even just hand holding or hugging, can lower your blood pressure. in your brain that make you feel good. Exercise Kissing eases hormones, like cortisol, that are associated with stress. All types of exercise, from walking to a full workout, can help reduce Sexual arousal releases chemicals that increase the brain's pleasure system, increasing happiness. stress. Intimacy Exercise can help you sleep more restfully, and more rest makes you less stressed. Types of Meditation Benefits of Meditation: Guided Meditation Meditate by forming images of places or situations that are relaxing for you. Tai Chi Meditate by practicing a series of self paced postures and movements and focusing on deep breathing. Creates a deep state of relaxation Qigong Meditate by combining relaxation, physical postures and breathing exercises to balance your body's energy. Mantra Meditation Helps to build skills for stress management Meditate by silently repeat- ing a word, thought or phrose that calms you distracting thoughts. Meditation * Reduces negative emotions Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Meditate by increasing conscious awareness of the present moment (ex: focusing on breathing patterns). * Increases self-awareness Meditate by practicing a series c of postures and controlled breathing exercises to increase flexibility and relaxation. These are certain foods that can help reduce stress and can easily be incorporated into a healthy diet. Complex Carbohydrates Carbs produce serotonin, a feelgood chemcial, and complex carbs take longer to digest, making the serotonin last longer. Whole grains and oatmeal are great complex carbohydrates. Leafy Green Vegetables Leafy greens contain magnesium, which can reduce headaches and fatigue. Spinach, kale and soybeans are great leafy greens. Black Tea Black tea can lower poststress cortisol levels and help you relax. Diet Raw Vegetables The crunch of raw vegetables can release a clenched jaw and tension. Carrots and celery are great raw vegetables. Low-Fat Milk Milk Citrus Fruits Citrus fruits can curb levels of stress hormones and strengthen your immune system. Oranges are a great citrus fruit. x contains calcium, which eases anxiety and mood swings. Low-fat milk is recommended. Stress can be created through repetition. Going through the motions of life can become boring and create tension. Try to do at least one thing every day that is permanent and not repetitive. Activity Management Keep your feelings positive rather than negative. Giving yourself positive messages allows you to get things done more quickly and efficiently, which means less time to stress about it. Activities To Try: Start an art or craft project. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece; just as long as you finish it. EXPECTATIONS VS. REALITY Write daily in a journal. It can be about the day or whatever you want to write about. Hope for, rather than expect, things to happen a certain way. This isn't an excuse to be JOURNAL negative; it just helps prepare you if things do not go the way you intended. Read a new book. This can help stimulate your mind and distract you from every day tasks. Attitude Sources: P WEST HILLS MEDICAL CENTER

6 Ways To Stress Less

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Stress is not only annoying, but can also be dangerous. High amounts of stress can be harmful to your mental, emotional and physical health. Stress management is especially important for athletes beca...


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