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6 Symptoms Of TMJ - Dr.Rondeau & Associates

0000 O 000 00 BR DR . BROCK RONDEAU & ASSOCIATES 6 SYMPTOMS OF TMJ 1. HEADACHES Headaches are one of the most common complaints of TMJ sufferers and can be so severe that they're mistaken for migraines . TMJ headaches are most often felt in the temple area , behind the eyes , and at the back of the head , with pain radiating to the neck and shoulders . 2. CLICKING OR POPPING SOUNDS When the jaw is healthy , a protective cartilage disc acts like a protective cushion between the bones of the upper and lower jaw . When it is damaged , however , it can start to make noises . 3. EAR PROBLEMS When the lower jaw ( condyle ) is too far back and the protective cartilage disc is too far forward , it can cause some of the muscles used for chewing to go into spasm . 4. LOCKED JAW If TMJ disorders are left untreated , they can actually cause your jaw to become locked in either the open or closed position . It's an extremely painful condition that can be avoided if caught early , so be sure to see your dentist right away 5. SLEEP PROBLEMS In patients who suffer from TMD , the jaw muscles can contract or spasm throughout the night , causing pain and frequent waking . Trigger points caused by dislocated joints , clenching , or grinding can have a similar effect . 6. DEPRESSION Depression is another common sign in patients who have dealt with the symptoms of TMD for an extended period of time and suffer from chronic pain . A lack of diagnosis - especially if a medical doctor is looking for a cause other than TMD - can lead the patient to feel like there's no end in sight . WWW.ORTHO-TMJ.COM 00 0000

6 Symptoms Of TMJ - Dr.Rondeau & Associates

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If you are suffering from TMJ, Dr. Rondeau & associates can help you with the 6 most common symptoms of TMJ. Visit our website today to learn more.


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