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6 Signs You Need a Tooth Filling

6 A tooth filling is a dental procedure used to treat cavities and prevent further damage to your teeth . Here are 6 signs that you may need a tooth filling : 1 Bali Dental Voyage SIGNS YOU NEED A TOOTH FILLING 5 SENSITIVITY TO HOT AND COLD FOODS PAIN WHEN CHEWING Pain when chewing can indicate a cavity or a cracked tooth that needs filling . If you feel a sharp pain or discomfort when eating or drinking something hot or cold , it could be a sign of tooth decay that requires a filling . BAD BREATH Bad breath can be a sign of an untreated cavity , which can be remedied with a tooth filling . +62 8214 5808 597 VISIBLE HOLES OR DISCOLOURATION If you notice a black or brown spot on your tooth or a hole in your tooth , it could be a sign of decay that requires filling . 2 TOOTHACHE If you experience a toothache that persists for more than a day or two , it could be a sign of a cavity or an infection that requires a filling . SWOLLEN GUMS Swollen or inflamed gums around a tooth can indicate decay that requires a filling . DON'T IGNORE THE SIGNS ! If you're experiencing it while in Bali , it's time to get a tooth filling . Book your appointment with Bali Dental Voyage today and get the treatment you need to keep your smile healthy and beautiful . Visit our website and book your appointment now ! ZAL V f O Bali Dental Voyage @balidentalvoyage

6 Signs You Need a Tooth Filling

shared by balidentalvoyage on May 15
The "6 Signs You Need a Tooth Filling" infographic by Bali Dental Voyage highlights common signs that indicate the need for a dental filling, such as sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, visible ...


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