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6 Powerful Nutrients of Hemp

BONDI НЕМР OIL 6 POWERFUL NUTRIENTS OF HEMP OIL Superfood or Superfad ? We break down Hemp's nutrients and what m akes this plant product so special. Brain Function Skin & Hair Health Gamma Omega 3 & 6. Linoleic Acid W Heart Health (GLA) Cognitive Function Antioxidant Gut Health Chlorophyll, Vitamin E Carotenes, Lecithin Antioxidant Skin Health Muscle Function Neuroprotective Phosphorous, Zinc, Terpenes & Phyto- I Mood & Energy Anti-inflammatory Magnesium cannabinoids What does the Science really say about Hemp? Similar to other nutritious seeds like chia and flax, hemp packs a serious array of wellness powering compounds, all backed by science. Antioxidants Brain Boosters Heart Helpers Not only do the Omega fatty acids give your brain a boost - they also help your heart by lowering harmful LDL and increasing the protective HDL. This is great for your circulation and artery health, allowing your cardio system to Omega fatty acids 3 and 6 are neuroprotective and used by the body to build and repair Free radicals are the nasties that can cause inflammation and disease in the body. These accumulate over time cell membranes in the brain. from smoke, pollution, aging and certain foods, causing Similarly Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA) is a particular type perform at its best! cell damage and reduced body function. of Omega 6 that is especially important in supporting cognitive function. There are a few ways to get Omega fatty acids in your diet - through fish intake, algae and certain seeds like chia, flax and hemp. Antioxidants are substances abundant in foods like berries, dark green vegetables and seeds which protect the The great news is hemp is jam-packed with both of these vital nutrients making it ideal to include as a daily body from free radicals and However with the large increase in ocean pollutants in the last few reverse their damage. Hemp is abundant in these like decades including from heavy metal contaminants like mercury, as well as addition to your food or smoothies. Chlorophyll and Carotenes, making it powerful for longevity. microplastics, using hemp is a much safer option! Energy Enhancers Gut Goodness Skin Supporters The body needs electrolytes in Not only are chlorophyll and Vitamin E is well known to the form of minerals like Zinc carotene antioxidants that reduce UV damage from the and Magnesium to power the reduce inflammation and Sun, promote cell turnover improve your cell recovery, they're also great for your gut muscle cells, metabolic and regeneration as well as deliver antioxidant benefits to processes, nervous system and reduce fatigue. flora. the skin and hair. It also support immune system function, helping support the production of enzymes and proteins that the body uses to fight Ensuring you intake these critical minerals as part of Foods rich in chlorophyll like hemp, spinach, broccoli and your diet (or through supplementing through wellness-enhancing green tea are excellent in their pre-biotic properties by feeding the gut while simultaneously protecting supplements like hemp oil) ensure your body can power through the day and perform at its peak. infection and inflammation. from free radicals. Combined with fibre your stomach will Hemp is rich in Vitamin E and be cleansed and healthy. В. Try hemp today as part of your nutrition. It's the ideal supplement to combine with smoothies, coffee or food to reap the rich, nourishing and antioxidant laden goodness. This is not health advice and shouldn't be used as such. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. powered by PIКТОСHART

6 Powerful Nutrients of Hemp

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Superfood or Superfad? We break down Hemp's nutrients and what makes this plant product so special. Understand the key compounds in hemp such as Vitamin E, Omega 3 & 6, Minerals, Chlorophyll, Terpene...



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