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51 Scientific Reasons Coffee is Healthy

SCIENTIFIC REASONS COFFEE IS HEALTHY 51 01. Wakes you up 31. Protects liver from cirrhosis 02. Improves your focus 32. Lowers risk of prostate cancer 03. Helps relieve headaches 33. Lowers risk of endometrial cancer 04. Makes you smarter 34. Protects against estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer 35. Fights cardiovascular disease 05. Provides essential nutrients 06. A large source of antioxidants 07. Improves good cholesterol 36. Lowers risk of stroke in women 08. Reduces inflammation 37. Great for your skin 09. One of the lowest calorie drinks 38. Lowers stress 10. Raises metabolic rate & burns fat 39. Fights depression 11. Keeps you hydrated 12. Improves physical performance 13. Preserves your muscles 40. Lowers risk of Type II Diabetes 41. Protects against dementia 42. Lowers Alzheimer's disease 43. Lowers Parkinson's disease risk 14. Helps you workout harder 15. Reduces muscle soreness after exercise 44. Helps with your memory 16. Helps meet daily dietary fiber 17. Helps keep your bowel healthy 18. Lowers risk of colorectal cancer 45. Prevents ringing in the ears 46. Good for your teeth 47. Stimulates hair growth 48. Prevents erectile dysfunction 19. Benefits gastrointestinal flora 20. Helps recover colon surgery quicker 21. Improves blood circulation 22. Enhances DNA repair 23. Protects against retinal damage 24. May protect against cataracts 25. Protects against eyelid spasm 49. Perks up sperm 50. Protects against gout 51. May add years to your life! 26. Relieves symptoms of asthma 27. Lowers risk of gallstones Coffe 28. Lowers risk of kidney stones 29. Reduces risk of oral cancer 30. Lowers risk of liver cancer (C) MICHAEL YORK I ESPRESSOPERFECTO.COM

51 Scientific Reasons Coffee is Healthy

shared by Espressoperfecto on Mar 03
This is a well researched visual list of 51 health benefits of coffee all backed by scientific studies.



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