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5 ways to treat child eczema rated - eczema clothes overall winner!

5 2.5 Million Children across the UK are affected by Atopic Dermatitis ( Eczema ) Emollient Creams Ways to treat ECZEMA in terms of effectiveness & rating 3/10 Available Treatment Rated in terms of effectiveness OOO 4/10 Effectiveness Rating : 3/10 . While this paraffin - based option might work for a select few , it doesn't allow the skin to release moisture as it would when it's healthy . In truth , it often aggravates and results in more flare - ups and the cycle goes on . Skin HappySkin Diet Adjustment 6/10 Steroid Creams Antihistamines Effectiveness Rating : 4/10 . This cream does a least do what it says on the tin , but it's not meant to be used for more than a week . If you do , your child can get what's known as Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome , which is often worse than the problem it's meant to treat . Effectiveness Rating : 6/10 . This best works in tandem with other main methods , but do you really want to be strictly limiting important essential omega oils and proteins that help their overall development ? It's an option , but not a primary one , as results may be minimal . MADE FOR MUMS MUM APPROVED Happy Skin Coated in DreamSkin® technology 1 in 5 Children Tencel Cotton Mother & Baby Tried & Tested ! Happy Skin Coated in DreamSkin® technology DreamSkin Technology Coating - Bonded On To All HappySkin Clothing 5/10 Effectiveness Rating : 5/10 . Again , we have an option that only deals with part of the problem , as all it will do is bring down the allergic element of the flare - up . It's why you have to keep giving your child more doses to keep the itching to a minimum . Happy Skin DreamSkin technology Clothing 9/10 Effectiveness Rating : 9/10 . The technology ' tricks ' the dormant subdermal skin sensors into functioning normally and prompting the skin to sweat when your child is too hot or retain moisture when it needs to . Worn on a regular basis , the skin slowly but surely returns to a healthy state all the time being soothed and protected from irritants and bacteria . Eczema Treating Clothing When the DreamSkin® coating is in direct contact with damaged skin , it kick - starts the skin's natural Benefits of DreamSkin Technology Coating Reduces Itching moisturizing , which regulates the skin's temperature and rehydrates the skin to relieve the scratch / itch cycle associated with dry , sensitive or eczema prone skin . O Manages Moisture NN Aids Sleep Clinically Soothes Regulates Proven Eczema Technology Body Temperature When a thick paraffin based cream is applied to damaged skin , this clogs up the skin's pores and prevents the skin from managing moisture to control body temperature . The unique Dreamskin® technology coating on all of our HappySkin® clothing stimulates the sensors that switch off when skin is affected by eczema and allows the skin to breathe and manage moisture just as it would do when it is healthy . Need Skin Advice ? Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice , information or help regarding your little one's eczema . We are happy to help ! 01707 260505 @happyskinkids [email protected]

5 ways to treat child eczema rated - eczema clothes overall winner!

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Discover the main options to treat children's skin, with clothing for eczema being the clear winner.


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