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5 Most Commonly Broken Bones

MOST COMMONLY BROKEN BONES 1) BROKEN CLAVICLE More commonly known as the collarbone Attaches the arms to the body Its long shape makes it prone to breaking, especially in contact sports THE BREAK USUALLY OCCURS IN THE MIDDLE Minor breaks require a sling, but surgery may be necessary in more severe cases 2 BROKE N ARM 50% of broken bones in adults are in the arms 111 BREAKS OFTEN OCCUR IN THE HUMERUS OF THE UPPER ARM, OR IN THE RADIUS OR Breaks happen during bracing for a fall, from impact, or other means ULNA OF THE LOWER ARM Compound fractures happen when a bone breaks in more than one place Broken arms may take weeks or months to heal 3 BROKEN WRIST The most commonly broken area of the arm Usually happens as a result of trying to stop a fall THE BREAK IS TYPICALLY ON Common in skiing, biking, snowboarding, and soccer THE THUMB-SIDE OF THE WRIST Also known as a Colles' fracture after the surgeon who first described it !! 4> BROKEN ANKLE The more bones that are broken, the less stable the ankle is Ligament damage commonly occurs at the same time as the fracture MAY BE A BREAK IN ONE BONE, OR BREAKS IN MULTIPLE BONES ligaments Usually happens when the ankle is twisted or rolled Common in soccer, basketball, football, and rugby 5 BROKEN TOE OR FOOT Almost 25% of the bones in your body are in your feet YOU MAY BE ABLE TO WALK, BUT YOU SHOULD STILL SEEK TREATMENT Forefoot injuries may be from impact, or from stress fractures Delays in treatment can lead to chronic pain and even arthritis Common in soccer, ballet, and basketball INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: MK Orthopaedics SURGERY & REHABILITATION MK ORTHOPAEDICS Setting the Standard of Excellence (815) 207-8280 Sources: ases-conditions/musculoskele tal/5-most-commonly-broken -bones.htm ic.cfm?topic=a0 0391 ic.cfm?topic=A 0 016 5

5 Most Commonly Broken Bones

shared by BrittSE on Oct 26
The long shape of the clavicle makes it prone to breaking, especially when playing contact sports. Find out what steps to take when you have a broken clavicle or other broken bones on this infographic...


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