5 Meatless Protein Rich Alternatives for Veggies

5 meatless Protein rich alternatives for veggies Yogurt Yougurt 10% Beans Chicken 25% Red meat/M utton Yogurt is an excellent source of protein 25% Supports bone health & benefits digestion. It boosts immunity and helps prevent a lot of dieseases Beans/Rajma 22% Chicken 25% Red meat/Mutton 25% Dal/Lentils 10 Next-highest source of protein after animal protein 22 Low in fat, high in fiber & nutrients & very Budget-friendly PROTEIN/100gm Provide the full compliment of essential amino acids needed by humans. DaVLentils Chick en 11 25% Red meat/Mutton 25% 21 With about 30% of it's calories from proteinlentils have very high levels of protein Nuts • Increases your ehergy by replenishing your iron stores • Eating high fiber food like lentils reduces risk of heart diseases Paneer Nuts 21% Chicken 25% Red meat/Mutton A great source of protein & it reduces risk of cancer 25% • Nuts are packed with proteins which help you improve strength Paneer Paneer is also known to enhance blood formation, strengthen the liver & facilitate absorption of nutrients. 11% • Helps to reduce LDL cholesterol reducing the risk of heart disease Chicken 25% Good source of calcium, which helps build strong bones and teeth, & also prevěnts osteoporosis. Red meat/Mutton Nuts are excellent sources of fiber and vitamins. 25% Doctors Circle: Care at your fingertips

5 Meatless Protein Rich Alternatives for Veggies

shared by doctorscircle on Apr 21
For all the vegans out there !! Going meatless doesn't mean compromising on your protein intake...Here are some great food to boost your protein levels so you never miss out on the protein your body needs....




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