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5 easy Techniques for Breastfeeding a Newborn

5 EASY TECHNIQUES FOR BREASTFEEDING NEWBORN A While producing milk is a natural process , getting it from the breast to the gut needs a little know - how and a lot of practice . The early attempts at breastfeeding for almost every new mom and baby are haphazard and unsuccessful at best . BREASTFEEDING A NEWBORN BEGIN BY PUTTING THE INFANT ON ONE SIDE , CLOSE TO YOUR BREASTS . MAKE SURE YOUR BABY'S ENTIRE BODY IS FACING YOU , WITH HIS OR HER EAR , SHOULDER , AND HIP IN A STRAIGHT LINE ( THOSE LITTLE BOY OR GIRL PARTS SHOULD BE PARALLEL TO THE BREAST YOU'RE NOT BREASTFEEDING FROM ) . YOUR NEWBORN'S HEAD SHOULD NOT BE TURNED TO THE SIDE ; IT SHOULD BE STRAIGHT AND PARALLEL TO THE BODY . TO MAKE IT SIMPLER TO GUIDE THE BABY TO THE BREAST , USE A NURSING OR ORDINARY CUSHION TO RAISE HIM TO A COMFORTABLE HEIGHT . We make you relevant at every turn of the evolution of the internet world through constant research and tweak in our strategies that piggy backs your business to a newer heights . The journey of making great BRANDS begins with detailed analysis your business and industry and then charting out milestones with realistic goals , timelines & resources needed every step of the way . Place your baby's head in the bend of your arm on the side where you'll be breastfeeding , with the hand on that side supporting the remainder of the body . With your other hand , cup your breast , positioning your thumb above your nipple and areola at the point where your baby's nose will come into contact with your breast . Place your index finger where your baby's chin will come into touch with the breast . This should cause your baby's mouth to spread wide , similar to a yawn . Some breastfeeding experts recommend placing your nipple toward your baby's nose and then down to the upper lip to widen the mouth . During nursing , this keeps the lower lip from tucking in . If your infant turns away , softly brush the side closest to you on the cheek . The rooting reflex causes the baby to return to your breast . Place your infant close to your breast . Mommunity CONNECTING MOMS

5 easy Techniques for Breastfeeding a Newborn

shared by mommunity on Jul 27
While producing milk is a natural process, getting it from the breast to the gut needs a little, 5 easy Techniques for Breastfeeding a Newborn




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