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5 Common Work-Related Injuries

1 COMMON WORK-RELATED 5 INJURIES Whether it's a construction site, a textile factory, or an office, there are a range of common accidents and injuries that occur in all workplaces, affecting workers, families, and businesses all over. Check out some effective ways to prevent and treat 5 common work-related injuries below. Musculoskeletal Injuries Causes PreventionO Overexertion Fatigue Change positions frequently. Prolonged static posture Set up a properly positioned workstation. Frequent or repetitive stretching GO Learn the right way to do physical work. • For example, lift with your legs, not your back! Heavy lifting Maintain fitness and flexibility. O Treatment Suggestions Try chiropractic care to correct spinal misalignment. Massage therapy promotes a relaxed state that relieves musculoskeletal pain. Did know? you An effective safety & health program in the workplace could save $4-6 for every $1 invested in it! Slips, Trips, & Falls Prevention O Stay attentive and alert. Causes O E Keep work spaces clean and'uncluttered. Wet and slippery floors Use signage to indicate slippery conditions. oa Objects on the floor Label or cover uneven walkways. Loose carpeting Inadequate lighting Treatment Suggestions Rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy can help you heal and return to your dáily activitiés. Safety pays: Implementing proper safety precautions could save an employer $40,000 per incident! Repetitive Motion Injuries Causes Fixed-position activities, like keyboard use Prevention O Train employees to reduce frequency of activity. Encourage employees to take breaks. SA Provide proper ergonomic equipment. O Treatment Suggestions Try ice and rest for short-term relief and physical therapy to help joints, tendons, and muscles heal in'the long run. Ergonomic workstations are not just for looks: they could cut back $20 million per year on worker's compensation! Machinery and Equipment Prevention? Causes Safety first: all workers should know the safety precautions of the workplace. Potentially dangerous equipment, machinery and objects Keep work environment { free from hazards. Wear proper protective equipment. Loose clothing, shoes, jewelry, fingers, and unbound hair Store materials in a safe and secure manner. © Treatment Suggestions Treatment for injuries related to machinery depends on the circumstances. The best medicine here is prevention! Did you Commitment to workplace safety could save $20,000 per lost-time claim! know? Motor Vehicle Accidents Causes Work-related motor vehicle accidents occur across all industries and involve drivers who transport people and freight, employees who drive company or personal vehicles, and even pedestrian workers who are hit by other motorists Prevention Provide extensive employee safety training HO and enforce safe driving policies. Treatment Suggestions Chiropractic care can alleviate back pain and discomfort. Physical therapy can help restore movement and physical function. Get wise behind the wheel: A driver safety program could save $3+ for every $1 invested. Brought to you by Oahu Spine & Rehab I SOURCES: ed.html http://arbill mmon-Workplace-Injuries n-campagin/top-injuries.aspx _Workplace_Injuries.pdf njury-Statistics opic/heavy+machinery/step-1.page

5 Common Work-Related Injuries

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Whether it’s a construction site, a textile factory, or an office, there are a range of common accidents and injuries that occur in all workplaces, affecting workers, families, and businesses all ov...


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