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5 common causes of knee pain

5 Common Causes Of Knee Pain Standing , walking , sprinting , and dancing should be simple activities for you to perform if your knees are healthy . Knee discomfort can result from a variety of factors , including but not exclusive to : 2 Fracture If you fall or are involved in a car accident , the knee bones , especially the kneecap ( patella ) , may sustain damage . R 3 excel PHYSICAL THERAPY Knee Tendinitis A knee injury can cause inflammation in the bursae , the little sacs of fluid that cushion the outside of the knee joint . P 11 / Torn Meniscus The meniscus , which serves as a shock absorber , is located between your shinbone and thighbone . ACL Injury Four ligaments , including the ACL , connect our thigh bone to our shinbone . ACL injuries are more common in people who participate in sports . R R 4 Knee Arthritis The cartilage in a healthy knee joint is incredibly resilient and slick . Some people endure weakening , thinning of the cartilage , and decreased lubrication with age and injury . R Find The Best Relief From Knee Pain With Physical Therapy Physical therapy at our Oshkosh , WI , clinic helps ensure that knee pain does not prevent you from achieving your goals . The best method to identify the underlying cause of your knee pain is to schedule an appointment with Excel Physical Therapy . Contact our experts by calling us at ( 920 ) 485-9543 or visit our website at to know more !

5 common causes of knee pain

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Know more about the causes of knee pain with Excel Physical Therapy, Oshkosh, WI, you can contact us at 920-485-9543 or visit our website


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