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42 Substances That Can Kill You

42 SUBSTANCES THAT CAN KILL YOU Substance Targets In this piece we have taken a range substances, both common and rare, and depicted the relative weights needed to kill a human being. The deadly dose is measured by the amounts: Nervous System Cardio Vascular Renal System Digestive System Cell Death Blood Agent EATEN INHALED Substance Group Biological Pharmaceutical Organic Inorganic Industrial (kilogram) SUGA (bag of sugar) Water 8kg (Grams) (paperclip) Ketamine Epadrane 100g 226g Table Salt 225g Alcohol Lead Cyanogen Ibuprophen 30g 500g 500g Chloride 60g Aspirin 11.2g Tabun 5.2g Paracetamol Mercury(II) chloride 3.07g_ 12g Amphetamine 9g Copper Sulphate 20g Caffeine Cocaine 15g Зд Diazapam Зg Arsenic Trisulfide 13.8g DDT 8.5g Nicotine Arsenic Trioxide 3.7g 1.05g (Milligrams) (snowflake) Cyanide 250mg Arsine 240mg Morphine 500mg Formaldehyde 11mg White Phosphorus 227.2mg Methamphetamine 1000mg Chlorine 1000mg Bee Venom 500mg Metallic Arsenic 975mg Solanine 300mg Aflatoxin 180mg Ophanin 150mg Black Mamba Venom 120mg Batrachotoxin 100mg Black Widow Venom 70mg Ricin 1.76mg (Micrograms) (ovum, human egg cell) Tetrodotoxin Mercury 18mcg 25mcg Vx 189mcg (Nanograms) (human cell) Botulinum 270ng Tetanospasmin 75ng Produced by Sources NMS NEO MAMMALIAN STUDIOS nerve-agents/

42 Substances That Can Kill You

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Check out the weights required from a 42 substances that will a human being.


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