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The 4 Degrees of Separation Between Pain & Pleasure

THE 4 DEGREES OF SEPARATION BETWEEN Our feet have a direct impact on our body. Even the most subtle change in the way we walk can put stress on joints higher up in our body, which may result in secondary problems. Here's everything you need to know to keep your feet in great shape. Much like the foundation of a house, it supports the weight above it-so much so that a simple foot problem can cause a chain reaction in our posture. PAIN &PLEASURE The average person takes 8,000 - 10,000 steps each day & 128,000 km over a lifetime. Women have 4x as many foot problems as men due to poor fitting footwear including high heels. 40% of Australians will Of all the bones in our body, 25% are in our feet. experience foot problems in their lifetime. THE KEY TO PROPER FOOT FUNCTION AND BODY POSTURE IS KEEPING THE LOWER LIMBS IN THEIR NATURAL ALIGNMENT FOOT PROBLEMS FOOT SUPPORT BALL OF FOOT KNEE PAIN BEYOND 4° WITHIN 4° PAIN 171° 176° difference difference Orthotics are shoe inserts designed to improve, correct, or modify foot function. HEEL PA ACHING LEGS (175° & BELOW ) (176 - 180°) recommended for considered normal better alignment and healthy COMMON CAUSES feet are comfortably supported bones are correctly aligned 1 Poor warm up/stretching before activity EVERY STEP MAKES A DIFFERENCE. pain is prevented 2 Abnormal foot mechanics (over pronation) Excessive hill running or speed work 4 Rapidly increasing intensity of exercise 5 Wearing inappropriate or worn out shoes EXERCISES CALF MUSCLE STRETCH STANDING SOLEUS STRETCH CALF RAISE TOWEL STRETCH PLANTAR FASCIA STRETCH MADE FOR BUSY FEET docpods Looking to cure your foot problems? Visit for a complete list of our orthotic solutions for various conditions.

The 4 Degrees of Separation Between Pain & Pleasure

shared by theadventurer on Feb 23
Have you been suffering from some sort of foot pain? Chances are it’s because of your posture and the stress that’s being put on your joints whenever you stand or walk. Good thing there are a few ...




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