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4 Awesome Things About Being Tall

4 AWESOME THINGS ABOUT BEING TALL 1. LANDING THE BIG PROMOTION Tall people have a distinct labor market advantage. They have higher wages and are less unemployed. 58% 58% of United States CEOS are over 6 ft. tall, compared to 14.5% of the entire country 30% Majority of the CEO's are taller than average 30% of United States CEOs are over 6 ft 2 inches, compared to 3.9% of the entire country 2. GETTING THE PERFECT MAN OR WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS According to a survey conducted by George Yancey, Department of Sociology, University of North Texas, and published in the Journal of Family Issues, 37 percent of Men wanted to date only women shorter than them, while 55 percent of the women wanted to date only men taller than them. Married men were an average 1 inch Women's preference for tall men is hard-wired in the taller than bachelors brain as an evolutionary directive On average, men with children were 1.2 inches taller than those without children Taller men are more likely to be married and have children than shorter men 3. LIVING LONGER Experts from Bristol University found longer legs equal longer life spans after examining skeletons. Theories include height being a marker for better nutrition in the womb, which would mean a lower risk of heart and respiratory diseases. • Being tall is a sign of good health, based in genetic makeup and realized in part through satisfactory nutrition and health related care and conditions. • Scientific studies suggest that taller people are at a lower risk of coronary heart disease. • Shorter people have smaller coronary arteries, which could be more affected by problems with blood circulation, which could possibly lead to a less effective immune system. 4. FEELING CONFIDENT • Tall adolescents tend to think of themselves as leaders. • Many taller people have greater confidence due to being bigger in childhood, when personalities are formed, and popularity can be gained from athletic ability alone. • The athleticism of taller people also provides them a greater sense of comradery with teammates, a greater respect for rules and boundaries, and a witness to a person's full potential at an earlier age. LONG TE STORE Visit for more tall tips SOURCES: HTTP://CBN.ELDOC.UB.RUG.NL/FILES/ROOT/2013/LEADERSHIPQUARTSTULP/20 13LEADERSHIPQUARTSTULP.PDF HTTP://WWW.RESEARCHGATE.NET/PROFILE/GERT_STULP/PUBLICATION/236116728_WOMEN_WANT_TALLER_MEN_ MORE_THAN_MEN_WANT_SHORTER_WOMEN/LINKS/02E7E516172FD2FB6C000000 HTTP://WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK/HEALTH/ARTICLE-2018661/WHY-TALL-HIGHLY-RISKY-HEALTH.HTML#IXZZ39JSPAFUW HTTP://WWW.DIW.DE/DOCUMENTS/PUBLIKATIONEN/73/DIW_01.C.405739.DE/DIW_SP0457.PDF

4 Awesome Things About Being Tall

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Infographic about the benefits of being tall, such as living longer, better job opportunities, popularity, etc. This is for a tall men clothes business. The first infographic for this startup: http://...


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