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35 CPR Facts that Could Help You Save a Life

SureFire CPR presents 35 CPR FACTS THAT COULD HELP YOU SAVE A LIFE CPR is a vital act that can save lives when individuals are in need of help. According to the American Heart Association, only 30% of Americans know how to perform CPR, however it's never too late to learn! Here are some interesting statistics to get you motivated, and who knows, you could save a life! UINNESS The Guinness World Record for the LONGEST CPR MARATHON PERFORMED is 151 hours (2 teams of 2 people in 2004). 165 CPR WAS FIRST STARTED IN 1740 NUMBER 3 OF CALORIES 15 MINUTES OF CPR TRAINING WILL BURN 2 4 88% OF CARDIAC ARRESTS HAPPEN IN THE HOME. 5 BOTH COMPRESSIONS AND BREATHS ARE VERY IMPORTANT IN DROWNING, CHOKING, DRUG OVERDOSES, AND PEDIATRIC CPR. 6. Only ACCIDENTAL INJURIES 32% INCLUDING CHOKING AND DROWNING, ARE THE NUMBER 1 CAUSE OF DEATH IN CHILDREN. of people in cardiac arrest get CPR from a bystander. IF YOU PERFORM CPR, YOU CAN TRIPLE THE PERSON'S CHANCE OF SURVIVAL. 10 Compressions should be performed at a rate of BREATHS SHOULD BE GIVEN OVER 1 SECOND WITH ENOUGH AIR TO SEE THE CHEST RISE. 100/min (to the beat of Stayin' Alive). 11 IF SOMEONE IS IN CARDIAC ARREST, CPR CAN ONLY MAKE THE SITUATION BETTER. 12 13 every minute that someone is unconscious and not breathing without CPR, they have a 10% less chance of survival. For IT IS NORMAL TO BREAK RIBS WHEN DOING COMPRESSIONS. 14 383,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest each year. AEDS DEFIBRILLATOR HEARTSTART ARE AVAILABLE FOR HOME USE WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION. 15 PHILI 16 Many AEDS (AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATORS) ARN TRAIMED RESPONDERS ONLY will talk you through how to perform CPR with the press of a button. 17 INFANT CPR IS PERFORMED BY USING 2 FINGERS AND PUSHING DOWN 1/3 – 1/2 THE DEPTH OF THE CHEST. 18 CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 9 HAVE SAVED THE LIVES OF OTHERS WITH CPR. 19 BECOMING CERTIFIED TO SAVE A LIFE CAN BE DONE IN LESS TIME THAN A LONG MOVIE. CPR Guidelines are updated every HEART DISEASE IS THE NUMBER 1 KILLER OF AMERICANS. 21 22 Heart attack symptoms for women and diabetics are usually different from men. years. 20 23 THE MORE PEOPLE STANDING AROUND DURING AN EMERGENCY, THE LESS LIKELY SOMEONE IS TO ACT. 25 CPR certification is valid for 2 years, but skills are CPR CLASSES ARE DIFFERENT FOR THOSE IN HEALTHCARE AND THOSE IN NON-HEALTH CARE FIELDS. forgotten as early as 3 months after training. 24 26 MANY PROACTIVE HIGH SCHOOLS ARE REQUIRING CPR CERTIFICATION PRIOR TO GRADUATION. 27 CPR is given to people who are unconscious and not breathing normally. 28 Child CPR is performed using one or two hands and compressing at least 1/3 to 1/2 the depth of the chest 29 30 THE LONGEST SUCCESSFUL CPR SAVE IS The compression to ventilation ratio is 30 compressions to 2 breaths. 96 MINUTES LONG! 31 CPR BREATHING BARRIERS KeyChainMask ARE SO SMALL THAT YOU CAN CARRY THEM ON A KEYCHAIN WITH WIDESPREAD ACCESS TO AEDS AT LEAST 40.000 LIVES WOULD BE SAVED EACH YEAR. 32 33 35 CPR Certification can be obtained in class, online, or a combination of the two. 34 WHEN COMPRESSING THE CHEST OF AN ADULT, PUSH DOWN AT LEAST 2inches The life you save with CPR will most likely be someone you love. REFERENCE: American Heart Association, JEMS For CPR Training or AED Sales Contact: SureFire CPR (888) 277-3143 WORLD ECORDS

35 CPR Facts that Could Help You Save a Life

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Only 30% of Americans know how to perform CPR, but anyone can use these tips and common sense to help save a life.


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