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30-Minute Bodyweight-Only Cardio Sweat Fest

30-MINUTE Bodyweight-Only Cardio Sweat Fest CARDIO BENEFITS Heart Health Getting the heart pumping at a faster rate on a regular basis helps keep it in shape and healthy Not working out causes the heart to weaken Increased Metabolism The more intense the An increased metabolism cardio session, the higher makes it easier to lose or the metabolic rate maintain weight Hormone Profile Working out releases feel-good hormones that ease depression and fatigue, and decrease appetite Those who partake in regular cardio often have a more positive outlook on life Diabetes Management Cardio exercises Those who exercise regularly increase muscles' ability to utilize glucose tend to have better control of their blood sugar and have fewer blood sugar swings CARDIO EXERCISES TO ADD TO YOUR ROUTINE Create an interval-style workout with these body weight cardio exercises. Spend 20-30 seconds on an exercise, and then take a short rest or change exercise. Fast Mountain Climbers • Step 1: Start in push-up position • Step 2: Alternate jum ping each leg forward between your hands E Note: Try to ensure that both feet land at the same time Squat Thrust • Step 1: Start in standing position • Step 2: Squat down, place hands on the floor between legs • Step 3: Kick legs backwards into plank position • Step 4: Quickly bring your legs back to the squat position, get back up to the standing position ENote: Brace your core muscles and don't allow hips to sag Burpee • Step 1: From a standing position sit down deep into a squat position, place hands on floor • Step 2: Jump both feet back and forth, just like the squat thrust • Step 3: Stand up and push the hips forward. Be sure to stand tall with the buttocks engaged E Note: Try the flamingo burpee by performing a regular burpee except stand on one leg throughout the movement lerel High Knees • Step 1: From standing position sprint in place, lifting the knees as high as possible • Step 2: Use arms at the same time to get momentum Jump Squats • Step 1: Squat until thighs are parallel with the floor • Step 2: Jump as high as possible pushing the ground away from you • Step 3: Land with soft knees, drop back into squat, and repeat Jump Lunges • Step 1: Perform a regular lunge • Step 2: Push up and jump into the air, switch legs landing with opposite leg forward and the lead leg backward • Step 3: Drop straight dow n into the lunge and repeat Tuck Jumps • Step 1: From standing, jump up into the air and quickly tuck knees up into the chest • Step 2: Use your arms for momentum to drive you into the air Butt Kickers • Step 1: From standing, flick your legs backward, alternating legs as they touch your backside Side Shuffles • Step 1: From standing, shuffle one leg out to the side then quickly replace the leg in the middle with the other leg as you shuffle the other way E Note: Try to move quickly and stay on your toes Skaters with Touch Down • Step 1: Stand with feet facing forward, double shoulder-width apart • Step 2: Hop right leg out and bend left knee, coming into side lunge. At same time, keeping chest lifted, bring right hand down to tap the floor in front • Step 3: Push into left foot to hop up; drop into side lunge on opposite side with left hand touching floor; repeat Box Jumps • Step 1: Find a solid step or box, jump with both feet up and onto the box. Use arms for momentum • Step 2: Once at the top, jump or step down; repeat " Note: Perform the movement quickly and set the box to a challenging height Star Jumps • Step 1: In a standing position, jump both feet outwards and take arms out sideways and up; your body should look like the letter X • Step 2: Return both feet to the center and bring arms down Hill Sprints • Step 1: Sprint for 20-30 seconds up a hill • Step 2: Walk back down the hill; repeat Try to set aside 30 minutes every day for a cardio workout. Improve your health and body with this easy-to-follow guide. FIX .com

30-Minute Bodyweight-Only Cardio Sweat Fest

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We all know that exercise is mandatory for long-term health and wellness, however, many find it tiring and overwhelming to go to a gym or other facility to get in their daily workout routines – whic...





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