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28 Odd Facts About the Human Body

28 ODD FACTS ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY It took billions of years for evolution to produce the human form, but we'll break it down for you in just 28 weird, little-known facts. A human brain cell can hold five times Your body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to boil a half gallon of water. as much information as Wikipedia. The brain uses the same amount Blondes tend to have more hair. of power as a 10-watt light bulb. Most babies are born with blue eyes. 2005 First successful partial face transplant 2010 First successful full facial transplant Nerve impulses travel to and from the brain at 170 miles per hour. 2008 First successful transplant of a human| windpipe using a patient's own stem cells Sneezes travel over 100 miles per hour. 1983 First successful lung transplant 2008 First successful full |arm transplant 1967 First successful heart transplant Stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve razor blades. 1967 First successful liver transplant 1966 First successful pancreas transplant The largest internal organ is the small intestine. Right-handed people live nine years longer than left-handed people. The fastest- growing nail is the middle finger. 1954 First successful kidney transplant The egg is the body's largest cell. Sperm is the body's smallest cell. Men get erections every hour during sleep. 1998 First successful hand transplant 2008 First baby born from transplanted ovary Babies are born with 300 bones. Adults have 206 bones. You use 200 muscles taking just one step. Feet can produce a pint of sweat a day. You shed and regrow your skin every 27 days. Sources:,,,,,, Library of Congress, National Institute of Health, Seattle Times, Wikipedia. Infographic: Jerry James Stone (@jerryjamesstone) Design: Chris Rooney (@looneyrooneycom)/MNN mnn

28 Odd Facts About the Human Body

shared by David on Mar 22
The human body is a wonderfully complex machine that has evolved over billions of years. This infographic breaks down some of the most interesting and oddest facts about this wonderful machine. High...




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