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21 of the Most Bizarre Ingredients Used in Supplements

Health & Fitness / 0010 21 OF THE MOST BIZARRE INGREDIENTS EVER FOUND IN SUPPLEMENTS Dietary supplements have long been taken as a source of additional nutrition. It is thought they were first commercially produced in the late 1920s. They are produced and consumed to enhance every imaginable aspect of health, from respiration right through to reproduction. Supplements are wide in their scope, combining traditional remedies with modern advancements, and the spectrum of ingredients used is broad too; ranging from the everyday to the quite extraordinary, as you will see... Whilst the majority of these supplements are still widely used, one has been confined to history and others are falling out of favour due to ethical and environmental concerns. CURRENT CONCERNS OBSOLETE FOX LUNGS HUMAN PLACENTA Human Organ BEAR BILE Animal Extract Animal Organ Traditional Traditional England ORIGIN Worldwide Chinese Medicine Used to treat Restores iron, aids breast-milk production and curbs post-natal depression Used for CLAIMED gallstones and gallbladder EFFECT asthma and issues bronchitis Cooked, made into a smoothie, or now Made into syrup, alongside various roots, seeds and plants (1600s) Sold in liquid and powder forms DELIVERY also in capsule form HORNY GOAT WEED FLYING SQUIRREL FAECES MONKEY HEAD MUSHROOM EPIMEDIUM GRANDIFLORUM WU LING ZHI HERICIUM ERINACEUS Plant Extract Animal By-product Fungus Traditional Chinese Remedy Traditional Native to North America, ORIGIN Chinese Medicine Europe and Asia Used as an To invigorate blood vessels and help with stomach and abdominal issues To boost the CLAIMED aphrodisiac or for erectile immune system and EFFECT increase white dysfunction blood cell count Now produced in pill and powder forms Consumed raw, cooked or steeped, depending on symptoms Capsules designed to promote healthy brain and digestion DELIVERY SLIPPERY ELM AMBER ACID SEAHORSE ULMUS FULVA SUCCINATE ACID HAI MA Plant Extract Chemical Compound Fish Native to Europe China ORIGIN North America Used for many Multiple uses, notably prevention of excess stomach One use of amber CLAIMED acid is said to alleviate ailments, ranging EFFECT the symptoms of from asthma acid and ulcers menopause to insomnia Capsules made from DELIVERY the mucilage to support the digestive system Most commonly Pills, powders, capsules and whole fish can be found in multi-vitamin supplements found in Asian markets SCALY ANTEATER SCALES HORSERADISH MARSHMALLOW PANGOLIN ARMORACIA RUSTICANA ALTHAEA OFFICINALIS Матmal" Plant Extract Plant Extract Most commonly Eastern Europe Traditional Indigenous to Africa ORIGIN Chinese Medicine Used for everything from aiding Rich in vitamins and Root used to CLAIMED minerals, most commonly used as a barrier against allergies and infections support respiratory and gastrointestinal systems EFFECT rheumatism to promoting lactation Bought whole, dried, then crushed for oral Often combined Roots and leaves used in with garlic in supplement capsules many forms inc. dried, capsules and tinctures DELIVERY administration *Native to Africa and China, they are the only mammal to be covered in scales CHROMIUM SEA CUCUMBER WILD LETTUCE 24CR HOLOTHUROIDEA LACTUCA VIROSA Metal Echinoderm* Plant Extract England and North America Naturally occurring Across ORIGIN chemical element Asia In traditional Eastern medicine, they are used to reduce joint pain Used to control blood Used for sugar, cholesterol levels and to CLAIMED insomnia, arthritic EFFECT pain and build muscle asthma Capsules and blended with other ingredients in joint-support supplements Tinctures, capsules and dried leaves As pill supplement and DELIVERY also in multivitamin weight loss products *Marine animal GAC CHLORELLA НЕМР MOMORDICA NOT TO BE CONFUSED CANNABIS PLANT COCHINCHINENSIS WITH CHOLERA! Plant Extract Fruit Freshwater Algae Countries inc. Canada, Southeast Northeast Asia ORIGIN France and China Asia and Australia Improved skin and Detoxifies, repairs immune system Improved CLAIMED vision and a strong immune system general eye health EFFECT and boosts energy levels Many forms - hemp seed oil is a popular source of omega 3s This rare fruit can be Dried, crushed and made into green tablets said to smell like the sea DELIVERY consumed as a juice or in capsule form RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS CALAMARI RED WINE NOT THE BAND SQUID Plant Extract Mollusc Planet Extract The Norway Worldwide ORIGIN Americas Chilli supplements are used to suppress the appetite and Rich in fatty acids, Taken to CLAIMED this oil is said to boost improve blood the brain, eye and pressure and cholesterol levels EFFECT boost metabolism heart health Oil capsules made from offcuts of the foodstuff Now sold in pill Resveratrol* comes in DELIVERY pills and powders said to fight free radicals form to aid weight loss are high in omega 3s *An active ingredient in red wine NUIQUE 21 OF THE MOST BIZARRE INGREDIENTS EVER FOUND IN SUPPLEMENTS NUIQUE.COM жо

21 of the Most Bizarre Ingredients Used in Supplements

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Supplements are used the world over to improve everything from health to physical performance. From ancient remedies to modern miracles, these are some of the weirdest supplements on the planet. How m...


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