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201 Simple Ways That Will Make You Fall Asleep

2013 201Simple Ways That Will Make You Fall Asleep 1. Dim the lights 2. Find a comfortable sleeping position 3. Stay away from your phone. 4. Log out from social media 5. Run 6. Do the 4-7-8 exercise 51. ..Think of death 52. Read Romeo and Juliet 53. Read Shakespeare 54. Pluck daisies 55. Keep talking (either you get tired or someone shuts you up!) 56. Go through multiplication tables 57. Write a comic strip 101. Eat lettuce 102. Consume walnuts 151. Set your goals for tomorrow 152. Read your history class textbook 153. Do Yoga 103. Remember your day chronologically 104. Keep kids away 105. Get out of bed 106. Get your feet out the covers 107. Rub your soles and foot . ' 108. Rub your ears gently 109. Do progressive muscle relaxation 110. Don't go to sleep hungry. 111. Look at a blue, yellow, green, silver or orange wall 112. Clean your room 113. Eat kiwi fruit 114. Wear comfortable pajamas 115. Take cereals 116. Quit smoking 117. Say a prayer 118. Lay out your clothes 119. Repeat a ćalming mantra 120. Do all unpleasant tasks early 121. . Stay away from sweets at night 122. Eat small snacks 154. Do math exercises like Sudoku 155. Don't force yourself to sleep 156. Block out blue and green light 157. Avoid working an hour before bedtime 158. Take in honey 159. Try to force yourself to stay awake 160. Wear sleep mask 161. Lay down on a sleeping mat 162. Sleep on rocking chair, 163. Try a hammock jog vigorously more than 3 hours before going to bed 7. Sleep at the same time every day 8. Dip your face in cold water 9. Čonsume food that makes you sleepy 10. Stay away from caffeine 11. Have sex 12. Have acupuncture or acupressure 13. Do some painting 14. Counting in German or Chinese 15. Watch soap operas 16. Listen to the recording of a very bóring person 17. Do guided meditation 18. Turn down the volume of your TV 19. Read a boring book 20. Wear silk clothing 21. Have a huge discussion 22. - Do cross stitch 23. Do crochet 58. Count squares in a squared notebook 59. Get depressed 60. Brush a cat 61. Listen to dogs 62.. Draw Mandalas 63. Dance the night away 64. Listen to Gregorian chan 65. Read the "Fifty Shades" trilogy 66. Get a massagę bed or sofa 67. Sleep on a memory foam mattress 68. Make yourself a bed of money bills 69. Empty your mind 70. Pay your family member a dollar every time you have a thought 71. Visualize white clouds through a field of wheat 72. Visualize drops of water falling slowly on a leave 73. Imagine the warm wind of the desert 74. Count sheep, backward 75. Reminisce the past 76. Use a relaxing app. on your smartphone 77. Do deep breathing 78. Count to five each time you inhale or exhale 79. Think positively 80. Imagine you are sleeping on the clouds 81. Take melatonin supplements 82. Keep your pillow in check 83. Resolve conflicts to limit stress 84. Write in your journal 85. Write a short story or novel 86. Wiggle your toes 87. Stop drinking alcohol 88. Listen to white noise 89. Dab on lavender oil 90. Breathe through your left nostril 91. Eat pumpkin seeds 92. Limit power naps to 30 minutes during the day 93. Don't toss and turn 94. Keep pets out of bed 95. Get fresh air 164. Hum 165. Hide your clock 166. Write down your problems 167. Wear blackout shades 168. Eat whole grains 169. Put on socks 170. Use earplugs 171. 'Take a plain antihistamine 172. Hold the sleep after dinner 173. Take a warm bath 123. Wear orange sunglasses at night 124. Bake herb pies and eat them' 125. Place seeds of Vaccaria in your ear 126. Do 7-11 breathing 127. Sleep naked 128. Take sleeping pills '129. Sleep on the left side 130. Be thankful 131. Sleep like the primates 132. Take a massage 133. Sleep in a military crawl position 134. Play the alphabet game 135. Imagine sinking mattress 136. Rewind a'movie in your mind 137. Play word scrambling 138. Sniff lavender aroma 139. Distance focusing 140. Statue transformation 24. Tidy household bills 25. Learn Chinese, Polish, and German 26. Mémorize irregular verbs 27. Do grammatical exercises 28. Play brain training games 29. Complete a jigsaw puzzle 30. Consider sewing 174. Teach yourself lucid dreaming 175. Listen to soft, dreamy music 176. Put a pillow under your hips 177. Try nọt to use smartphones, tablets, and e-readers an hour before sleep 178. Read books at soft light 179. ' Evaluate your room design and make necessary changes '180. Change your sheets 181. Stick to sleep schedule 182. Watch glow-in-the-dark stars posted on your ceiling 183. Use a heating pack if you feel cold. 184. Try a body pillow 185. Listen to audiobooks of childhood tales 186. Sip herbal teas 187. Sketch or doodle 188. Listen to a SleepWithMe podcast 189. 'Set the air conditioning unit to 65 degrees 190. Plan tomorrow's outfit 191. Get a cooling memory foam pillow 192. Eat light dinner 193. Hypnotize yourself to sleep 194. Go to gym in the morning 195. Visualize yourself asleep 196. Engage in self-dialog 197. Use quality bedding 198. Change curtains 199. Listen to a ticking clock 200. Listen to sleep music or lullabies on YouTube or Spotify 201. Blow bubbles 31. Think of the beach 32. Do Pilates 33. Practice tai chỉ 34, Do crunches 35. Read a book to the children 36. Order a wardrobe 37. Write a report 38. Prepare a presentation 39. Hear dwarfs (in your imagination) 40. Write poetry- 41. Iron your shirts 42. Do homework 43. Take a long walk 44. Listen to an audio Bible 45. Watch an old film with bad images on TV. 46: Watch documentary films 47. Make braids on your hair or dolls 48. Make war models 49. Polish glasses 50. Think of very sad things 141. Author your personal story 142. Imagine that your body is levitating 143. Take zinc supplements 144. Light a scented candle 145. Less sugar intake 146. Avoid spicy foods at night 147. Take a spoonful, of apple cider vinegar 148. Get a new blanket 149. Turn off the TV 150. Táke a short walk 96. Visualize a garden full of flowers 97. Rub your belly 98. Don't be afraid of the dark 99. Munch cheddar cheese 100. Drink a glass of cherry juice

201 Simple Ways That Will Make You Fall Asleep

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Having a hard time sleeping? Try any of the activities from this list to enjoy a refreshing slumber. Sleeping is too important to our health and sanity. Our much-needed rest nightly is our sanctuary ...


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