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2 Billion people will be aged 60 and older by 2050

system 8. 2 billion ationl tiaging-system people will be aged 60 and older by 200 antia By 2050, close to 80% of all deaths Jas are expected to occur in people anti over 60 Tas The top causes of death in the antiac antiaging-syste developed world Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0.32 3.5% About antiaging-systems.c 80% Deaths Colon and rectum cancers 0.30 3.3% Diabetes mellitus 0.24 2.6% Hypertensive heart disease 0.21 2.3% Source The World Health Organization: Breast cancer 0.17 1.9% aging What steps can we take throughout our lives to give us a healthier old age? Basics Exercise Eat sensibly Drink water Be positive Get some sunshine Relax Sleep Avoid pollution Additional antiaging systems Control your allergies beware of inflammation mang-syster Boost your immunity Excrete toxic body burdens beware of our polluted environment Reduce your parasites yeasts and flukes place a strain on our systems Support your methylation process additional nutrition to improve chemical conversion dstemscor anteging-syster Advanced antegine ging-systems.c 1. Target your specific areas of personal weakness don't die from the same things your parents did, take special measures. 2. Enhance your brain function Feed and protect your brain ntegine sys Premium Maintain a youthful balance of hormones Incorporate emerging technologies antaging-system international 1-system g-system antiac system aging-system ante ing- s.col antiacs stemy ahg-srstem nteging sytems.comm maging-syate antagi laging

2 Billion people will be aged 60 and older by 2050

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