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15 Home Remedies

15 НОМЕ REMEDIES Your body, if you didn't realize it, is just like a machine: in fact, it is a machine. No, bear with us here- we're going to talk about home remedies, we promise. Your has a central computer, and engine, a pump, lots of wires and tubes, a fuel system, a sensory system, a communications system..ALL with LOTS of tiny parts. And just like any machine, your body sometimes loses efficiency, needs a tune-up or even repairs. Sometimes bugs throw a wrench in the works and the machine (your body) needs some TLC. Sometimes, yes- you need to take the machine (let's say, your car) to the mechanic to get it fixed: the bill probably won't be that cheap...and then later on your neighbor or cousin tells you how they were able to solve that auto problem with a simple visit to a store and DIY repairs: can be frustrating. Well, the DYI of health care and wellness is: home remedies. Natural Home Remedies PUT AN End to hiccups Try gulping down 1 to 2 teaspoons of sugar. The dry sugar granules resets the spasms in the diaphragm: think of it as a reboot. Of course, any coarse (pun not intended) products (salt, pepper, etc) works well, but we reckon you'll enjoy sugar the most. Stop Nausea You can end a nausea attack with frozen ginger chips. Firstly, let the fresh ginger soak in hot water. Then, strain and freeze it in ice cube trays. Once frozen, smash the cubes and suck the chips during the day to give your stomach a steady does of ginger to alleviate the nausea. Ginger is especially effective during pregnancy or in post-surgery. Relieve a soRE throat Gargle twice a day a solution concocted of six pressed garlic cloves soaked in warm (not hot) water. Do this for three days. Studies prove that fresh garlic juice provides antimicrobial properties that can tackle the bacteria that cause a sore throat. Foil a fever Have a cuppa linden flower tea, as this solves your fever by hitting two birds with one stone cup. First, it activated the hypothalamus to control the body temperature in a more efficient manner. It also causes blood vessels to expand, which then causes the body to sweat more. All you need to do is soak a tablespoon of linden flower in hot water for fifteen minutes and then sip away SooThe a BURN If you have a minor burn in the kitchen or garage, put some aloe vera on it- the gel works best, but if you have the plant at home (not a bad idea at all), you can just pick a leaf and rub it on the burn. Aloe vera causes a second skin to form so as cover it from the open air, and thus the nerve endings exposed in the burnt area are not irritated. STop flatulenCE If you want to calm annoying (and embarrassing) flatulence, you can take two peppermint capsules (500mg) thrice a day. Peppermint actually wipes out the bacteria that brings about bloating and also causes your digestive system's muscles to relax. If you can find enteric-coated capsules, even better; the enteric coating makes sure that the capsules don't break open in your tummy. Banish foot odor To get rid of embarrassing foot odor, soak your paws each night in a solution made up of one part vinegar and two parts water- that will kill the smelly bacteria in a jiffy! Another option is to bathe your feet each day in strong black tea for half an hour. The tannins in the tea not only kill the bacteria, they also close the pores in the feet, which help to keep your feet dry longer. Banish bad bREAth What to sweeten that dragon breath of yours? Pour a small cup of acidic lemon juice and gargle it for thirty seconds- the acidity will kill off the bacteria that lurks in your mouth and brings about bad breath. After that, have some plain, non-sweetened yogurt, which will give you 'good' bacteria to combat the 'bad' bacteria that will try to grow back. This remedy can last from 12 to 24 hours! Relieve chapped lips Apply some olive oil (using a tissue) to your dry, chapped lips, which is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant AND moisturizing, and before you know it, your lips will once again be as good as new. And in a few day, they will even start to heal by themselves, with no need to keep on applying the olive oil. Zap away a stiff neck What to get rid of a stiff neck? Try using quick blasts of both hot and cold water- this will get the blood flowing again (since a stiff neck is caused by slow circulation into the muscle tissues). You can do this easily enough in the shower. Snip sNoring If you're one of those people who always snores when sleeping on your back. Try placing a tennis ball in a shirt pocket snipped out from an old tee shirt, sewing it to the middle of the back of your tight PJ's top. This natural home remedy WILL be uncomfortable....but it will make you roll over and sleep on your side (and hence snip out the snoring)...without waking you up! Don't you just love natural home remedies!

15 Home Remedies

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Ones who opt remedies besides medicines have stepped in the right place. As we are offering remedies for your health, ways to get rid of things that annoys you most at your house and workplace and als...




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